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User Guide LG  32LK610BPUA  LED HD


Connectan antenna, cable,or cableboxto watch TV whilereferringto thefollowing.Theillustrations maydiffer from theactual itemsandan RFcableisoptional.

•  Completeall connectionsbetween devices,andthen connect the power cordtothepoweroutlet topreventdamagetoyourTV.

•  Useasignal splitter touse2TVsor more.

•  DTV AudioSupportedCodec: MPEG, Dolby Digital

•  ThisTV cannot receive ULTRA HD (3840x2160pixels)broadcasts directlybecausetherelatedstandards have notbeen confirmed, (Dependingupon model)

•  Makesure not tobendthecopper wireof the RFcable

Securing TV to the Wall

1 Insertandtighten theeye-bolts,orTV bracketsandboltson theback of theTV.

•  If therearebolts insertedat theeye-boltsposition, removethe bolts first.

2 Mount the wallbrackets with thebolts tothe wall. Match thelocation of the wallbracketandtheeye-boltson therear of theTV.

3 Connect theeye-boltsand wallbrackets tightly with asturdyrope. Makesuretokeeptherope horizontal with the flat surface.

•  Useaplatform or cabinet that is strongandlargeenough to support theTV securely.

•  Brackets,boltsandropesare notprovided.Youcan obtain additiona accessories from your localdealer.

Mounting to the Wall

•  RemovethestandbeforeinstallingtheTV on a wall mountbyperformingthestandattachment in reverse.

•  For moreinformation of screwsand wall mountbracket, refer totheSeparatepurchase.

•  Ifyouintendto mount theproduct toa wall,attach VESA standard mountinginterface(optionalparts) totheback of theproduct.When youinstall theset tousethe wall mountingbracket (optionalparts), fixit carefullysoas not todrop.

•  When mountingaTV on the wall, makesure not toinstall theTV by hangingthepowerandsignal cableson the backof theTV.

•  Do not install thisproducton a wall if it couldbeexposed tooiloroil mist.This maydamagetheproductandcause it tofall.



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