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  • Owner's manual - (English)

User Guide Haier HTD635WISS Refrigerator

Table of contents

  • Product Features
  • Name of Components
  • Safety Notice
  • Disassembly and Assembly of Door
  • Preparation
  • Connecting the Water Supply Line
  • Getting Started
  • Product Function
  • How to save energy
  • About Refrigerating Chamber
  • Precautions for Refrigerating Food
  • Smart Use of Refrigerating Chamber
  • About Freezing Chamber
  • Usage of Ice Maker and the Cold Water Dispenser
  • How to Use the Water Dispenser
  • Water Dispenser Precautions
  • Cleaning and Disuse
  • Suspension
  • Cleaning and Disuse

Freezing chamber is for long-term food storage

  • Low temperature in the freezing chamber can keep food fresh for a long time,
  • so the best way for long-term food preservation is to put the food into the freezing chamber,
  • but it should comply with the storage durations noted on food packaging.

About Freezer Small Drawer

  • The freezer small drawer is equipped with an all-in-one ice maker.
  • For ice taking, please detach the ice storage box from the allin-one ice maker and take out the ice block.
  • If larger capacity is required by user, please just take out the freezer small drawer while keeping the freezer large drawer closed, then you could take out or put in a large amount of food from/to the freezer small drawer.

The Adjustment of Freezer Large Drawer Board

  • For better convenience of food storage, the refrigerator is equipped with freezer large drawer board,
  • This board can divide the freezer large drawer into two parts, the user can adjust the position of the board according to their food type.


  • Food Precautions when the room temprature is high, the freezer temprature can be set into the lowest temprature setting directly so as to get the best freezing effect.

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