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User manual Iron


1. Temperature control
2. Swivel cord
3. Light
4. Steam control
5. Cover
6. Water inlet

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7. Spray nozzle
8. Soleplate
9. Marker
10. Plug storage receptacle
11. Heel


  • Remove labels, stickers and packaging from the iron and soleplate.
  • Don’t worry if the iron smokes a bit at first, it’ll stop as the element cures.
  • Iron an old piece of cotton fabric, to clean the soleplate.


  • If the iron is motionless, it will switch off after about 30 seconds with the soleplate downwards, or about 8 minutes if the iron is stood on its heel.
  • You iron will beep six times and the light will flash and continue to flash until you move your iron.
  • To switch on again, lift it up, tilt it forward, then sit it upright to return to operating temperature.
  • No settings are lost during auto shut-off.


  1. Check for textile care symbols
  2. Iron fabrics needing low temperatures first, then those that need medium temperatures , and finish with those needing high temperatures.


If the instructions on the fabric label differ from this guide, follow the instructions on the label.


You may use the iron with tap-water, but if you live in a hard water area, you should use distilled water (not chemically descaled or softened water).

If you buy distilled water, check that it’s suitable for use in irons.

  1. Set the temperature control to , set the steam control to .
  2. Unplug the iron.
  3. Hold the iron with the front raised.
  4. Open the water inlet cover.
  5. Pour slowly, to let the air in the reservoir escape, otherwise you’ll cause an air lock and the water will overflow.
  6. Don’t fill past max, or water will escape in use.
  7. Wipe up any spillage.


  1. Set the temperature control to and set the steam control to .
  2. Sit the iron on its heel.
  3. Put the plug into the power socket (switch the socket on, if it’s switchable).
  4. Turn the temperature control to bring the setting you want next to the marker. The light will come on.
  5. When the iron reaches the temperature you set, the light will go off. It’ll then cycle on and off as the thermostat operates to maintain the temperature.


  1. To steam iron, set the temperature control to or higher.
  2. Set the steam control to the setting you want, = no steam, = high steam.
  3. Wait till the light goes out, then start ironing.


Water spotting affects some fabrics. Test this out on a hidden part of the fabric.

  1. Lift the iron off the fabric.
  2. Aim the spray nozzle at the fabric.
  3. Press the button – you may have to press it 2 or 3 times to pump water through the system.


  1. Check that the temperature control is at or higher.
  2. Lift the iron off the fabric.
  3. Press the button.
  4. Leave 4 seconds between shots to let the temperature build up.


  1. If you’re going to be dry ironing for 20 minutes or more, empty the reservoir first, to avoid spontaneous bursts of steam.
  2. Set the steam control to
  3. Set the desired temperature.
  4. Wait till the light goes out, then start ironing.


Remove wrinkles from hanging clothes, hanging curtains, and furnishing fabrics.

  • Check that there’s adequate ventilation behind the fabric, otherwise moisture may build up, causing mildew.
  • Check that there’s nothing behind the fabric that may be damaged by the steam.
  • Check that pockets, turn-ups, and cuffs are empty.
  • Check that there’s water in the reservoir.
  1. Set the temperature control to max, set the steam control to .
  2. Hold the iron close to (but not touching) the fabric.
  3. Press the button (you’re using the “shot of steam” function vertically).
  4. Leave 4 seconds between shots, to let the temperature build up.


To avoid scale build up, use the self clean function at least monthly in normal water areas, more often in hard water areas.

You’ll need a basin or a large bowl to catch the water coming out of the soleplate.

  1. Fill the reservoir to the max mark.
  2. Set the temperature control to max, set the steam control to
  3. Sit the iron on its heel.
  4. Put the plug into the power socket, and wait till the light goes out.
  5. Hold the iron over the basin or bowl, with the soleplate down.
  6. Press the , and hold it down.
  7. Gently move the iron to and fro, over the basin or bowl.
  8. Water and steam will wash scale and dust through the soleplate, and into the sink.
  9. When the reservoir is empty, release the button.
  10. Unplug the iron, and sit it on its heel to cool.
  11. Follow the steps under AFTER USE AND STORING.


CAUTION: Allow the iron to fully cool before storing.

  1. Set the temperature control to and set the steam control to
  2. Unplug the iron.
  3. Open the water inlet cover.
  4. Hold the iron over a sink, turn it upside down, and drain the water from the reservoir.
  5. Sit the iron on its heel and leave it to cool down completely.
  6. When cold, wipe off any moisture and close the water inlet cover.
  7. Wipe outer surfaces with a damp cloth.
  8. Remove spots from the soleplate with a little vinegar – take care not to scratch it.
  9. The cord can be wrapped around the heel of your iron for storing. Insert the plug into the plug storage receptacle to secure the last section of cord as shown.
  10. Store the iron on its heel, to avoid corrosion and damage to the soleplate.


If you ring Customer Service, please have the Model Number to hand, as we won’t be able to help you without it. It’s on the rating plate (usually underneath the product).

The product isn’t user-serviceable. If it’s not working, read the instructions, check the plug fuse and main fuse/circuit breaker. If it’s still not working, consult your retailer.

If that doesn’t solve the problem – ring Customer Service – they may be able to offer technical advice.

If they advise you to return the product to us, pack it carefully, include a note with your name, address, day phone number, and what’s wrong. If under guarantee, say where and when purchased, and include proof of purchase (till receipt). Send it to:

Customer Service

Spectrum Brands (UK) Ltd

Fir Street, Failsworth, Manchester M35 0HS email: suppo[email protected] telephone: 0345 658 9700 (local rate number)

Please note: If you have purchased the product within the last 6 months, please contact the retailer in the first instance to deal with any matters relating to warranty.

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