Use Manual LG Electronics 65UN7300AUD 65 Inch Class 4k Smart UHD TV

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LG Electronics 65UN7300AUD 65 Inch Class 4k Smart UHD TV - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

- Owner Manual ( English ) - 6.59 MB - pdf
- User Guide ( English )
- Quick Setup Guide ( English )

User manual Television for LG Electronics 65UN7300AUD


  • When theTV is turnedon for the first timeafterbeingshipped from thefactory, initialization of theTV maytakeapproximately one minute.
  • Imageshown maydiffer from yourTV.
  • YourTV’s OSD (On Screen Display) maydiffer slightlyfrom that shown in this manual.
  • Theavailable menusandoptions maydiffer from theinput source orproduct model thatyouareusing.
  • New features maybeaddedtothisTV in thefuture.
  • Thedevice mustbeeasilyaccessedtoalocation outlet near the access.Somedevicesare not madebyturningon /off button, turningoff thedeviceandunpluggingthepower cord.
  • Theitems supplied with yourproduct mayvarydependingupon the model.
  • Product specificationsor contentsof this manual maybechanged withoutprior noticeduetoupgradeofproduct functions.
  • Foran optimal connection, HDMI cablesand USB devices should havebezels less than 10 mm (0.39inches) thickand18 mm (0.7 inches) width.
  • Usean extension cablethat supports USB 2.0if the USB cableor USB flash drivedoes not fit intoyourTV’s USB port.
  • Useacertifiedcable with the HDMI logoattached. Ifyoudo notuse acertified HDMI cable, thescreen may notdisplayoraconnection error mayoccur.
  • Recommended HDMI cabletypes (3 m (9.84feet)or less) Ultra High Speed HDMI cable®/TM.

Lifting and moving the TV

When movingor liftingtheTV, readthefollowingtoprevent theTV from beingscratchedordamagedandfor safetransportation regardless of its typeandsize.

  • It is recommendedto movetheTV in theboxorpacking material that theTV originallycamein.
  • Before movingor liftingtheTV,disconnect thepower cordand all cables.
  • When holdingtheTV, thescreen shouldfaceawayfrom youto avoiddamage.

Securing TV to the Wall

  1. Insertandtighten theeye-bolts,orTV bracketsandboltson theback of theTV. If therearebolts insertedat theeye-boltsposition, removethe bolts first.
  2. Mount the wallbrackets with thebolts tothe wall. Match the location of the wallbracketandtheeye-boltson therearof theTV.
  3. Connect theeye-boltsand wallbrackets tightly with

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