User Manual Neff K9514X4GB/02 Fridge/freezer combination built in Flat hinge

Neff K9514X4GB/02 Fridge/freezer combination built in Flat hinge - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Refrigerator for Neff K9514X4GB/02

Important information when using the appliance

  • Never use electrical appliances insidethe appliance (eg heaters, electric icemakers, etc.). Risk of explosion!
  • Never use a steam cleaner to defrostor clean the appliance. The steam maypenetrate electrical parts and causea short circuit.Risk of electric shock!
  • Do not use pointed or sharp edgedimplements to remove frost or layersof ice.You could damage the refrigeranttubing. Leaking refrigerant may igniteor cause eye injuries.
  • Do not store products which containflammable propellants (eg spray cans)or explosive substances in theappliance. Explosion hazard!
  •  Do not stand or support yourself onthe base, drawers or doors, etc.
  •  Before defrosting or cleaning theappliance, switch off the appliance,pull out the mains plug or switch offthe fuse.Pull on the mains plug, not on the powercord.

Technical safety

This appliance contains a small quantityof environmentally friendly but flammable R600a refrigerant. Ensure thatthe tubing of the refrigerant circuit is notdamaged during transportation andinstallation. Leaking refrigerant maycause eye injuries or ignite.

If damage has occurred

  • Keep naked flames and / or ignitionsources away from the appliance.
  • Thoroughly ventilate the room forseveral minutes.
  • Switch off the appliance and pull outthe mains plug or switch off the fuse.
  • Notify customer service.

The more refrigerant an appliancecontains, the larger the room must be. Leaking refrigerant can form a flammable gas air mixture in rooms whichare too small.

The room must be at least 1 m 3 per 8 gof refrigerant. The amount of refrigerantin your appliance is indicated on therating plate inside the appliance.

    Children in the household

    • Keep children away from packagingand its parts. Danger of suffocation fromfolding cartons and plastic film!
    • Do not allow children to play with theappliance!
    • If the appliance features a lock, keepthe key out of the reach of children.


    • Main On / Off switch: Switches the whole appliance on andoff.
    • super "button: Switches super freezing on and off.When the yellow lamp is lit, thisindicates that fast cooling has started.
    • Temperature display lamp: The figures next to the green lightsindicate refrigerator compartmenttemperatures in ° C.
    • Temperature selection button: Press the button until the requiredtemperature display lights illuminates.

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