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Heating Time Limitation

The maximum heating time is limited. If you forget to turn off the oven, it turns off automatically after a set period of time.

The maximum time for Sabbath mode is 74 hours; for all other cooking modes the maximum allowed time is 24 hours.


Setting the timer:

1. Press Timers. If no other timer is running, “00:00” appears in edit mode and flashes.

2. Press the + button to set the amount of time. Holding the button down increases the timer value more quickly.

3. Press Timers again to store the timer value set and begin the timer countdown. The timer starts. When the timer reaches 0:00 the timer display blinks and an alarm tone sounds every 10 seconds for two minutes.

4. Press Clear or open the oven door to cancel a running timer and terminate the beep signal.


• The timer can be set for a maximum of 99:59 hours (hours:minutes). When the timer reaches 1 minute remaining, the count changes to seconds and counts down from :59 to :00.

• The timer does not change when other settings are changed.

• A timer may not be set during a Self Clean operation.

• A second timer can be set (double ovens only) after the first timer has started. Press Timers twice to enter the editing mode for the second timer.

Sabbath Mode

The Sabbath Mode enables those of particular faiths to use their ovens on the Sabbath. Sabbath Mode can be entered at any time during a Bake cycle only.

To set the Sabbath Mode:

1. Turn the Cooking Mode Dial to Bake.

2. Set the temperature to a value within the Sabbath Mode temperature range (100° to 450° F). If the temperature set is outside this range, and the Timer button is held for 3 seconds, an error tone sounds.

3. Press and hold the Timer (or Timers) button for three seconds. SAb appears in the display for 3 seconds.

4. 74:00 flashes in the display. 74 hours is the maximum number of hours that can be set for Sabbath Mode.

5. Press + or

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