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User Guide GE FUM5SAARWH Freezer 

Table of contents

  • Safety Information
  • How to Connect Electricty
  • Proper Disposal
  • Safety Precautions
  • Use of Adapter Plugs
  • Use of Extension Cords
  • Operating Instructions
  • Care and Cleaning
  • Defrosting Instructions
  • Manual Defrost Models)
  • Features
  • Starting the Freezer
  • Installation Instructions
  • Preparing to Install the Freezer
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Before You Call For Service
  • Normal Operating
  • Characteristics
  • Consumer Support
  • Consumer Support
  • Production Registration for
  • Customers in Canada

Temperature Control

  • Freezing temperature selection is made by setting the control from 1 to 7 (coldest).
  • If you want colder or warmer temperatures, adjust the control one step at a time. Allow several hours after each one-step adjustment for the freezer temperature to stabilize.
  • Turning the control to 0 (off) stops the cooling process but does not shut off power to the freezer.

Temperature Monitor/High-Temp

  • Alarm Switch (on some models) An alarm will sound if the freezer temperature reaches unsafe levels.
  • The alarm operates on household electricity. If the power fails, the alarm will not perform.
  • An on/off switch allows the temperature alarm to be deactivated if desired. The freezer is shipped with the switch in the 0 (off) position.
  • After the freezer has run long enough to lower the temperature, you may set the switch to the 1 (on) position.
  • The operation of the alarm may be checked by setting the switch in the √ position.

Freezer Shelves (on some models)

  • The spacers (on some models) are used to secure the shelves during shipping.
  • Remove and discard the spacers. Small objects are a choke hazard to children.

Key-Ejecting Lock (on some models)

  • The key for the spring-loaded lock is automatically ejected—key will not remain in lock in either the open or closed position.
  • Keep the key out of reach of children and away from the freezer.


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