User Manual GE GWE19JSLGFSS - 18.6 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator

GE GWE19JSLGFSS - 18.6 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Refrigerator for GE GWE19JSLGFSS

Table of contents

  • Controls
  • ClimateKeeper
  • TurboCoolTM
  • ExpressChillTM
  • Water Filter - MWF
  • Water Filter - XWF
  • Shelves and Bins
  • Refrigerator Doors
  • Crispers and Pans
  • Automatic Icemaker
  • Ice and Water Dispenser
  • The Outside
  • The Inside
  • Behind the Refrigerator
  • Preparing for Vacation
  • Preparing to Move
  • Replacing the Light Bulbs
  • Preparing to Install the
  • Refrigerator
  • Moving the Refrigerator
  • Installing the Refrigerator
  • Installing the Water Line
  • Normal Operating Conditions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Water Filter Limited Warranty
  • Performance Data Sheet
  • Consumer Support

Preparing to Move

  • Secure all loose items such as shelves and drawers by taping them securely in place to prevent damage.
  • When using a hand truck to move the refrigerator, do not rest the front or back of the refrigerator against the hand truck. This could damage the refrigerator. Handle only from the sides of the refrigerator.
  • Be sure the refrigerator stays in an upright position during moving.

How to Use

  • Empty the pan. Place the Chill Tray in the pan. Place the items on the tray and close the pan completely.
  • Select the ExpressChill pad. On some models, you can then select the chill time (use chart to determine best setting). Other models will only have one option minutes). On models with multiple settings, tap the pad until the light appears next to the desired setting.

Special note about dispenser models:

  1. Some model have a tilted out as shown in the illustrations, and it will hold itself up while you take ice out or turn the icemaker power switch on and off. Be sure to put the bin back in place before closing the door.
  2. To restore your ice level from an empty bucket stage, the following steps are recommended: hours after the first batch of ice has fallen into the bin, dispense 3 to 4 cubes.
  • After an additional 6 hours, dispense 3 to 4 cubes again.
  • These steps will restore your ice level in the shortest amount of time.

Refrigerator Compartment—Upper Light

  • Unplug the refrigerator.
  • The bulbs are located at the top of the compartment, inside the light shield. On some models, a screw at the front of the light shield will have to be removed. On other models, the screw is located in the pocket located at the back of the shield.
  • To remove the light shield, on some models, press in on the tabs on the sides of the shield and slide forward and out. On other models, just slide the shield forward and out.
  • After replacing the bulb with an appliance bulb of the same or lower wattage, replace the light shield and screw. When replacing the light shield, make sure that the tabs at the back of the shield fit into the slots at the back of the light shield housing.
  • Plug the refrigerator back in.

Freezer Compartment

  • Unplug the refrigerator.
  • Remove the shelf just above the light shield. (The shelf will be easier to remove if it is emptied first.) Remove the screw at the top of the light shield.
  • To remove the light shield, press in on the sides, and lift up and out.
  • Replace the bulb with an appliance bulb of the same or lower wattage, and reinstall the light shield. When reinstalling the light shield, make sure the top tabs snap securely into place. Replace the screw.
  • Reinstall the shelf and plug the refrigerator back in.

Replacing the lights on models with LED lighting (on some models)

Setting the controls to OFF does not remove power to the light circuit. Not all features are on all models.


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What type of propellant is used in this refrigerator?
The refrigerant used for this model refrigerator is R600A.
This refrigerant runs more efficiently than older refrigerants
and is safer for the environment.