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Thermador T30IR900SP - 30 Inch Panel Ready Refrigerator Column - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Refrigerator for Thermador T30IR900SP 

Table of contents

  • Important safety instructions
  • Definitions
  • About these instructions
  • Introduction
  • Risk of explosion
  • Risk of electric shock
  • Risk of injury
  • Risk of fire
  • Avoiding placing children and vulnerable people at risk
  • Damage
  • Weight
  • State of California Proposition
  • Warnings
  • Intended use
  • Environmental protection
  • Packaging
  • Old appliances
  • Installation and connection
  • Contents of package
  • Technical data
  • Before using for the first time
  • Electrical connection
  • Getting to know your appliance
  • Appliance
  • Operating controls
  • Equipment
  • Operating the appliance
  • Switching the appliance on

Check built-in cut-out

The cut-out must fulfill these criteria:

  • Anti-tilt bracket must be fitted
  • Cut-out depth min. 24” (610 mm), for flush installation 25” (635 mm) rectangular stable – the side panels and the top must be min. 5/8" (16 mm) thick and securely attached to the floor or wall
  • Depth of shortest side panels min. 4” (100 mm)

Storage compartment

You can remove and adjust the height of the storage compartments:

  • Lift up the storage compartment and remove.
  • When re-inserting, insert hooks on back of storage compartment at same height to make it level.
  • Note: Insert the storage compartment carefully to avoid scratching the appliance.

Switching the appliance on

  • Press the main On/Off switch. The appliance starts cooling and the light is switched on when the door is open.
  • Set the required temperature. -> "Setting the temperature" on page 11

Operating tips

  • After the appliance has been switched on, it may take several hours until the set temperature has been reached. Do not put in any food until the selected temperature has been reached.
  • The front sides of the housing are partly heated slightly. This prevents condensation in the area of the door seal.

Refrigerator compartment

  • The refrigerator compartment is suitable for storing meat, sausages, fish, dairy products, eggs, ready meals and pastries.
  • The temperature can be set from +36 °F (+2 °C)... +46 °F (+8 °C).
  • The refrigerator compartment can also be used to store highly perishable groceries in the short to medium term. The lower the selected temperature, the slower the enzymatic and chemical processes and deterioration by microorganisms. A temperature of +39 °F (+4 °C) or lower ensures optimum freshness and safety of the stored groceries.

Note when storing food

Note: Avoid contact between food and the back panel.

Otherwise, the air circulation will be impaired and food or packaging may freeze to the back panel.

  • Store fresh, undamaged food. The quality and freshness will then be retained for longer.
  • In the case of ready products and bottled goods, do not exceed the minimum sell-by date or use- by date indicated by the manufacturer.
  • To retain aroma, color and freshness, pack or cover food well before placing it into the appliance. This will prevent flavors being transferred between foods and the plastic parts from becoming discolored.
  • Leave warm food and drinks to cool down before placing them into the refrigerator compartment.

Cleaning the appliance interior

Proceed as follows:

  • Press the main On/Off switch.
  • Take out food and store in a cool location. Place ice pack (if available) on the food.
  • Clean the appliance with a soft cloth, lukewarm water and a little pH-neutral washing-up liquid.
  • Wipe door seal with clear water and dry thoroughly with a cloth.
  • Switch appliance back on and put in food.

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