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Cafe CDT805P2NS1 24 Inch Built In Fully Integrated Dishwasher - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Getting started

6. Start Dishwasher


Press the Start button and close the door within 4 seconds to start the cycle or begin the Delay Hours countdown. The wash cycle will begin shortly after closing the door. The display will turn off if the door remains open for two minutes. To activate the display, close and open the door or press any button.

Interrupt or Pause

To interrupt or pause a dish cycle, slowly open the door. Opening the door will cause the wash cycle to pause. The dishwasher will beep every minute to remind you to close the door. To restart or resume the cycle, press Start, and close the door within 4 seconds.


To cancel a wash cycle, press and hold the Start button for 3 seconds and close door. The dishwasher will drain, emit a beep sound, and the wash cycle light will turn OFF.

7. Cycle Indicator Lights and Sounds

Sanitized or Cycle Sanitized

Displayed at end of the cycle when Wash Temp Sani or Sanitize Temp has been selected and dishwasher has met requirements for sanitization. See Wash Temp Sani or Sanitize Temp, for complete description. Closing door or pressing any button will turn off light.

Clean or Cycle Complete

Displayed when a wash cycle is complete. The light stays ON as a reminder that the dishes are clean. The light will turn off when the door is opened.

Low Rinse Aid (on some models)

Displayed when rinse agent is low or empty. See Use a Rinse Agent section. To turn indicator off, press the Pre-Soak or Steam button 7 times within 5 seconds. Repeat this process to turn the Low Rinse Aid indicator back on.

Cycle Status (on some models)

The indicator light on the door front will change color to indicate the wash status. During the wash cyc

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