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Harbor Breeze 52-in Questions and Answers

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#1 Is this light dimmable?

Yes. The light is dimmable for the Pawtucket fan.

#2 Can this be installed to connect it to the light switch. I have 2 switches. One for the light and one for the fan. Can I use these instead of the r

No. The Pawtucket was designed to be wired to one switch and only operated by the remote. We apologize for the inconvenience.

#3 My Pawtucket ceiling fan light flashes on and off. I have two 6.5W bulbs in the unit, I have dis-assembled the suit and verified the wires are connec

We recommend trying different bulbs. Or turn off the power to the fan and the light and check the wiring to the light at the outlet box. The blue fan wire is the wire to the light. Many times the expansion and contraction of the wires due to turning on and off the light will cause the wires to work apart even with the wire connector on. With the power off to the fan, remove the wire connector and twist the wires together in a clockwise direction. Then turn the wire connector in a clockwise direction to secure the wires. Tug on the wires to be sure the wire connector is holding both wires in. Also, check the wire connection between the fan and the light kit. Sometimes the wire connectors are pushed together properly, but the wires have been partially pulled out of the connector

#4 Is the remote included in the original box when you purchase the fan...or do you have to purchase the remote separately. .

The remote is included.

#5 Can this light be dimmable

Yes. As long as the bulbs installed are dimmable like the ones included.