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User Guide for Kwikset 98001-374

Table of Contents

  • Prepare Latches
  • Follow sequence A -> Z
  • English Drilling Instructions

Prepare Latches

A. Determine the backset you require by measuring from edge of door to the center of your 2-1/8" (54mm) hole.

B. If backset of door measured 2-3/4" (70mm), adjust deadbolt latch as shown in figure 1 and see figure 2 to adjust bottom latch as follows: Grasp the spring pin and move it to the 2-3/4" slot

C. Referring to figure 3, if you received latch (option # 3) proceed as follows. For a drive in latch: Align collar opening with shape of bolt and slide it on until the notches (a) on collar snap around the catch pins (b) of latch, see figure 3a. Note, should collar require removal, squeeze collar hard at sides and remove. For a latch with face plate: (1) Insert latch into back plate (c), (2) position desired faceplate over latch bolt and snap it onto the backplate (see figur).

English Drilling Instructions

Using template, mark drilling locations on door by following steps 1-4.

  • 1. Select the template that allows you to place the template on the EXTERIOR side of door. Fold template along fold line and place fold line along the edge of door with the centerline "A" approximately 38" (965mm) from floor.
  • 2. Mark appropriate centers for the 2-1/8" (3mm) diameter holes. Important, select desired backset before marking centers (see figure T-1). Note: This product will accommodate a 1-1/2" (38mm) diameter hole for deadbolt cylinder assembly only, if desired.
  • 3. Mark appropriate centers for 1" diameter holes in door edge.
  • 4. Mark appropriate screw hole center for bottom of handle. Once locations marked, continue with steps a throughj below.


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Kwikset 98001-374 Questions and Answers

Are all 4 pieces shown above included?
Yes/no. Four pieces are provided but the picture shows the Tavaris Handlset (Tavaris Handle & Tavaris exterior key cylinder). That is correct for two pieces. The other portion is incorrect. The Vedani Interior pack is provided which the picture shows the Vedani interior handle however what is pictured is NOT the contemporary interior thumbturn that is provided. What is pictured is the single cylinder interiror from the 993RND (round), but what is provided is the single cylinder interior from the 993CNT (contemporary aka square).



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