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Leveling the Fridge/Freezer
Make sure the Fridge/Freezer is level. Use the rotating leveling feet at the front. If the Fridge/Freezer is not level, the
doors and magnetic seal alignments will be affected and may cause your Fridge/Freezer to work incorrectly.
Do not turn on the Fridge/Freezer for 4 hours
After the Fridge/Freezer is in place it needs to be left for 4 hours. This allows time for the coolant to settle.
Dont cover or block the vents or grilles of your appliance.
Vacation Time
Turn off the refrigerator first and then unplug the unit from the wall outlet.
Remove all the food.
Clean the refrigerator.
Leave the lid open slightly to avoid possible formation of condensation, mold, or odors.
Use extreme caution in the case of children. The unit should not be accessible to child’s play.
Short vacations: Leave the refrigerator operating during vacations of less than three weeks.
Long vacations: If the appliance will not be used for several months, remove all food and unplug the power cord.
Clean and dry the interior thoroughly. To prevent odor and mold growth, leave the door open slightly: blocking it
open if necessary or have the door removed.
How to save energy
01. Install the refrigerator in the coolest part of the room, out of direct sunlight and away from heating ducts or registers.
Do not place the refrigerator next to heat-producing appliances such as a range, oven or dishwasher.
02. The refrigerator door should remain open only as long as necessary; do not place hot food inside the refrigerator.
03. Organize the refrigerator to reduce door openings .Remove as many items as needed at one time and close the door
as soon as possible.
04. The refrigerator door should be properly closed to avoid increased energy consumption, and the formation of excess
ice and / or condensation inside.
05. Constantly circulating cold air keeps the temperature homogenous inside the refrigerator. For this reason, it is
important to properly distribute the food, to facilitate the flow of air.
06. Cover foods and wipe containers dry before placing them in the refrigerator. This cuts down on moisture build-up
inside the unit.
07. Do not overcrowd the refrigerator or block cold airvents. Doing so causes the refrigerator to run longer and use more
energy. Shelves should not be lined with aluminum foil, wax paper or paper toweling. Liners interfere with cold air
circulation, making the refrigerator less efficient, which could cause food spoilage.
08. During prolonged absences (example: vacations), it is advisable to disconnect the refrigerator, remove all the food,
and clean it . The door should be left slightly open to avoid mold and unpleasant odors. This will not affect the
refrigerator when it is reconnected.
09. During short absences (example: holidays), the refrigerator can remain on. However, remember that prolonged
power outages may occur while you are gone.
This product should be serviced by an authorized engineer and only genuine spare parts should be used.
Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the appliance yourself.
Repairs carried out by inexperienced persons may cause injury or serious malfunctioning. Contact the local store where
your purchase was made.
When the appliance is not in use for long periods, disconnect from the electricity supply, empty all foods and clean the
appliance, leaving the door ajar to prevent unpleasant smells.
If you need change the knob, please set to "OFF" positionthe knob can be disassembled easily.
This appliance is fitted with a plug which will be suitable for use in all houses fitted with sockets to current specifications.
If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket outlets, it should be cut off and carefully disposed of. To avoid a possible
shock hazard, do not insert the discarded plug into a socket.
This appliance complies with the EEC Directives.