Whirlpool WRS331SDHM 33-inch Wide Side-by-Side Refrigerator - 21 cu. ft - Use Manual

Whirlpool WRS331SDHM 33-inch Wide Side-by-Side Refrigerator - 21 cu. ft - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

User Guide

Side by Side Refrigerator

Leveling and Door Closing

Your refrigerator has two front adjustable wheels.

These are used to level the refrigerator under uneven floor conditions or want the doors to close more easily.

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Use a Bubble level to check levelness of floor where the rear side of the refrigerator will rest. If the refrigerator is not leveled, adjust or add the shim on flooring to create a leveled floor for the rear side wheels. A leveled rear side prevents the refrigerator cabinet from forming a twist.

2. Place the refrigerator into its final location in the kitchen and open both doors.

3. Fully open both doors. 

4. If your model has water dispensing in the door, please open the water filter door by pulling it toward you. See graphic 2. It is not necessary to remove the water filter itself.

5. Pull the base grille toward you from the sides and then from the center until it dislodges. 

6. To remove the base grille, twist and pull the right side until this side passes underneath the refrigerator door.  Then pull the left side of the base grille for complete removal.

7. Raise the wheels while one person pushes on the refrigerator to lift from front side. Use the bubble level on top of the refrigerator or on its side to level the refrigerator. Check bubble level and at the same time observe the gaps and squareness to the adjacent cabinets, furniture or trim. If adjacent furnishings are not level, it may not be possible to achieve even gaps when product is level. Continue adjusting until all four corners are steady without rock.

8. Use a 3/8" nut driver to turn the leveling screws located in both sides of the refrigerator.  Depending on uneven floor conditions, you must turn one or both screws to the right or left several times to raise or lower the refrigerator.

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