New Modern Technology in Washing Machines (2022)

Today's washing machines are gradually becoming indispensable products for many homes as well as industrial zones. With the advent of many washing machine products from popular to high-end, washing machine technology is constantly improving. Modern washing machines allow us to use a variety of washing programs suitable for a variety of fabrics such as jeans, wool, silk, baby clothes or even blankets. So your family's washing machine has been applied to the most advanced washing technology? Let's learn the article to share the latest technologies applied on today's washing machines.

If you don't believe in washing machines, the latest technologies will make you look again. For example, the design of the diamond washing bucket and the smart spin technology will reduce lint and stripping. Or, the technology of steam spray and ultrasonic cleaning will remove all dirt on your clothes without harming your expensive clothes. Or simply, silk fabrics and wool can be machine washed at home thanks to dry cleaning technology by hot air…

Technology washing with hot air (Air Wash)

This is the technology used exclusively for washing machines in the high-end product segment. This technology works on the principle of turning off the air that will be heated as it passes through the heater, then blows into the wash basin and clears off unpleasant odors as well as odor-causing mold bacteria on the clothes. This technology is certified to remove odors from wool up to 109 times faster than traditional dry cleaning methods and ensures a clean and fragrant garment in just 29 minutes.

Bubble washing technology (Eco Bubble)

ECO BUBBLE bubble washing technology completely dissolves detergent, forming bubbles before entering the washing bucket. Soap bubbles that penetrate clothes in as little as 40 seconds, 40 times faster than the average time of 1631 seconds needed for detergent to dissolve in water, helping clothes be washed and cared for. Take care of the fibers from damage while keeping the detergent residue from getting on the clothes.

Ultrasonic technology

Ultrasonic washing technology is a new washing technology applied by many leading washing machines and brings extremely outstanding efficiency. The ultrasonic technology not only delivers outstanding cleaning efficiency but also saves a detergent amount up to 50% compared to conventional washing machines.

Accordingly, when the washing machine works, the washing bucket will generate air bubbles, which in the spinning process of the washing machine will burst to create a natural ultrasonic wave. This process continues non-stop, creating millions of air bubbles per minute creating powerful ultrasonic waves that help the detergent dissolve evenly in water, thereby penetrating deeper into each fabric for remarkable cleaning results, eliminating unnecessary wrinkling or shrinking.

Steam washing technology

Steam washing technology is considered to revolutionize many washing machines. This technology uses a boiler to convert water into gas. Steam is then fed into the washing machine spin barrel through a nozzle system. Since the steam can penetrate deeply between the fibers, they remove dirt, deodorize, and push allergens out of clothing. The washing machine applies steam washing technology to help you save electricity, washing time and make laundry much cleaner.

Anti-spill technology

This technology is widely used in Electrolux washing machines. With this technology, the washing machine is equipped with a Magic Ball intelligent anti-overflow valve which is composed of an automatic steam ball placed underneath to seal the drum from the outside, preventing water from escaping causing waste. Contribute to economic savings and water resources.

3D sensing technology

This technology works based on the 3D Sensor system, the washing machine will automatically adjust the power level, water level as well as the speed of the motor in the most reasonable way to contribute to fast washing while still saving. In addition, due to the control of the movement of the drum, it also helps to minimize vibrations and imbalances as well as prevent laundry twisting together after washing is finished.

Jetspray technology

Jetspray technology has the effect of increasing the circulation of the water flow through the circulating pump, the water acts quickly and evenly on clothes through the ability to spray water directly on clothes thanks to the nozzles equipped in the front door. Thereby, the maximum amount of detergent is dissolved and absorbed better in clothes, so the quality of cleaning is also enhanced and effective. In addition, Jetspray technology also helps to save water thanks to water circulation treatment, clothes are easily washed in a shorter time.

Intelligent ultra-dry spin technology

If in traditional washing machines, the spin drying process will make the clothes easily wrinkled, creased, and sometimes the clothes can be torn or torn. Then with the smart extractor technology you will no longer worry about that problem. This technology allows the user to easily adjust the spin spin speed to suit the fabric material. In addition, this technology also allows extreme drying to make your drying process faster, saving time especially during the rainy season.

Antimicrobial technology Nano Ag+

Nano Ag+ is an antibacterial and deodorizing technology that is currently being applied on Sanyo washing machines today. By applying Nano technology, millions of Ag+ silver molecules have been broken down into tiny sizes. Spreading rapidly in the laundry detergent, creeping into every corner of the washing bucket, thereby destroying all microbes, bacteria, viruses or molds that cause unpleasant odors. Return the washing bucket to the clean water source, contribute to making clothes more clean and safe for consumers' health.

Magic filter technology

Are you often uncomfortable with lint on your clothes? With the Magic Filter, that will be completely solved. The filter is placed under the water stream and lint is retained, giving your clothes a new shine and shine. In addition, the new design of the Magic Filter also has an indicator light that makes it easy to see when the lint is full and you need to remove it to the outside.

The washing machines have improved and become more and more modern day by day. For well-known washing machine manufacturers, integrating state-of-the-art technologies into their products is not only to compete, but also to provide the best consumer experience. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you know many modern technologies in washing machines.

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