How To Find Refrigerator's Model Number

Each refrigerator has a label and it will show the origin and model number. Depending on the type, the label is in a different position. I list some common locations:

  • On the interior ceiling
  • On the inside of the door
  • On the inside wall of the freezer
  • On the door frame
  • On either inside wall of the unit
  • On the interior wall behind the lower crisper drawer
  • On the interior floor bottom (remove crisper drawer)
  • Behind the kick plate

How to find refrigerator's model code

Some sample labels on refrigerators for your reference. The model number is usually highlighted in yellow or clearly marked as a model.

GE refrigerator

LG refrigerator label

The model number will make sense when it comes to the brand. So, please search by entering brand name and model code to find user manual

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