How to find model for your appliances?

What is the appliance model number?

Home appliance model number are characters that identify the type of home appliance and are named by the manufacturer. It is representing the manufacturer, brand, design, or performance of an appliance... It is usually printed on the label or body of the home appliance.

Where do you find the appliance model number?

Model of any given device/appliances will usually contain numbers and letters and it is usually written as "Model", "Model No.", "MOD" ...

Model will be on the label, look for it and you can easily find them.

Below are images of the labels and models:

Acer model

Acer Laptop Model


GE Model

GE model


Samsung Model

Samsung Model


Whirlpool model

Whirlpool model


LG model

LG Model


Macbook model

Macbook model

Is serial number same as model number?

The serial number is different the model number. The serial number is to identify a product line.

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