Front Load Vs. Top Load Washing Machine: What Is Different?

Washing machine is a household appliance that supports a lot of families today. Not only will you save time and effort, but you will also protect your clothes more effectively. Currently, there are two types of washing machines on the market: horizontal load washing machines and vertical load washing machines. This makes consumers do not know what type of washing machine to choose.

If you are looking to choose an excellent washing machine that is more suitable for your needs, you can compare the two washing machines above in this article. Each type of washing machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's analyze these two types of washing machines in the article below to make the right choice when buying a washing machine for your family.

Top loading washing machine

Top loading washing machine

Top loading washing machine is a type of washing machine that is designed with a loading door located at the top. The machine works based on the rotating mechanism of the rotating disc (washing tray) at the bottom of the washing tub to continuously stir the clothes in the detergent combined with the frictional action on the washing tub to help dislodge stains and clean clothes.


  • Compact design: Vertical drum washing machines often have a compact, simple design, suitable for families with limited installation space.
  • Low-cost components, easy repair and warranty: Top-load washing machine components are easy to find and relatively low-cost. Therefore, if the machine is unfortunately damaged, the search for replacement parts is also very convenient and the repair cost is low.
  • Cheap price: Because of the simple design, the price of the vertical drum washing machine is also relatively cheap. With less than 5 million VND in hand, you can own a top-loading washing machine right away.
  • Easily add or remove items while in operation: With the vertical drum design, you can add or remove items without worrying about canceling the entire wash cycle. This is also one of the advantages that makes top-loading washing machines more dominant than front-loading machines.


During the washing and drying process, the top-loading washing machine makes a lot of noise and vibration

  • Long drying time: With vertical drum washing machines that integrate the function of drying clothes, the drying time of the machine will be quite long. Because their spin speed is usually only about 700 rpm, while the spin speed of front-loading washing machines is usually 1000 rpm, or even up to 1400 rpm.
  • Loud vibration: During the washing and drying process, the top-loading washing machine makes a lot of noise and vibration. Therefore, users need to pay attention to placing the machine on a flat surface, giving the volume of laundry suitable for the capacity of the machine and spreading the clothes evenly without letting the situation be pushed to one side to avoid the situation of the machine losing its balance when operating and lead to falls.
  • Consume a lot of water: To ensure effective washing, top-loading washing machines require the use of a fairly large volume of water to cover all surfaces of clothes.
  • Messy clothes: After washing, clothes often become tangled and tangled, easily causing fabric fraying and damage to clothes.
  • Fewer utility features: Compared with front-loading washing machines, top-loading washing machines often have fewer washing modes for each type of clothing and utility features to help take care of clothes.

Front-loading washing machine

Front loading washing machine

Front loading washing machine (horizontal drum washing machine) is a type of washing machine with a horizontal design, the washing machine door is located in front. The machine works based on the centrifugal rotation mechanism, so the clothes will be more evenly rotated, cleaner and significantly less tangled after washing.


  • Luxurious design, highly aesthetic: The horizontal drum washing machine has a diverse and beautiful design, enhancing the luxury of living space, so it is chosen by many people because of this factor.
  • Save water: The front-loading washing machine has a horizontal drum design, centrifugal rotation, so it does not need water to cover the entire surface of the clothes to be able to clean. Therefore, the machine only needs about 1/3 of the amount of water compared to a top-loading washing machine, providing 2-3 times more water-saving efficiency, saving you monthly water bills.
  • Less tangles, protect clothes: Washing and drying with a front-loading washing machine also helps to preserve the durability of your clothes because in the process of washing clothes, there is less tangling, limiting stretching, wear and fading. clothing form.
  • Built-in multiple washing modes: Front-loading washing machines often have a variety of washing modes for different types of fabric to help optimize cleaning and protect clothes from damage.
  • Wash faster, cleaner: With a high spin speed, up to 1,400 rpm, front load washing machines help clothes to be washed faster, cleaner, squeezed clothes drier, drying faster, saving money. considerable time for the stages.
  • Quiet operation: Thanks to the centrifugal rotation mechanism and integrated with many modern technologies, the horizontal drum washing machine also offers the ability to operate smoothly, avoiding disturbing your family's activities.


Front-loading washing machines often cost more

  • High cost: Front-loading washing machines are often high cost; you have to be from $500 or more to be able to own them. But this is understandable because they are invested and cared for by manufacturers, both in terms of design and many modern technologies and features that bring many unexpected benefits to users.
  • Difficult to add or remove clothes while washing: Only some modern front-loading washing machines are designed to add and remove clothes while washing. Most of them are hard to add if you miss them. If you open the door, water and clothes will flow to the floor because the machine's unique horizontal door design requires the handle to be completely closed throughout the wash until it's finished.
  • Takes up a lot of space: The front-loading washing machine is quite large, the door opening angle is wide, so it will also take up a lot of space, suitable for households with large space.

Frontloading Vs. Top load washing machine: What is different?

Frontloading Vs. Top load washing machine

Both front and top load washing machines have their own characteristics that make them different. When you compare them you will see the following differences:

Washing machine's ability to spin dry

The horizontal drum washing machine has a very fast spin speed of up to 1000 rpm, while the vertical drum washing machine has a lower rotation speed of about 600 rpm, so the horizontal drum washing machine helps clothes dry faster.

Water consumption of 2 types of washing machines

Up to 50% less water consumption of a front-loading machine than a vertical-load washing machine when washing the same amount of clothes.

Power consumption of the washing machine

Front-loading washing machines have a default washing time longer than top-loading washing machines, so for the same amount of laundry, a horizontal-loading washing machine consumes more power than a top-loading washing machine.

Washing machine features and performance

Especially in some horizontal drum washing machines, there are more advanced features

The vertical drum washing machine is only integrated with basic features to use, so it has few advanced features, while the horizontal drum washing machine has more features such as hot water washing, dry cleaning or ironing. steam washing… Especially in some horizontal drum washing machines, there are more advanced features such as stamping, compression, mixing that are simulated according to human hand washing movements, thereby greatly increasing efficiency.

Specialized washing powder

Front-load washing machines use low-foam washing powder, while top-loading washing machines use any type of detergent.

Washing machine life

Front load washing machines have a lower lifespan than top load washing machines with an average lifespan of 11 years due to the higher drum speed, usually 1000 rpm; while the spin speed of the top load washing machine is lower, so the average life is 14 years, with a normal spin speed of 700 rpm.

Clothes life and washability

The front load washing machine does not twist the clothes when washing, the soap is more clean due to the water pressure and the space in the front load washing machine is larger. Therefore, the clothes are washed more clean, not rotten due to the amount of soap remaining. And the clothes are also squeezed dry much better than the top load washing machine.

When washing clothes in the washing machine, top load washing machines are twisted, clothes when finished washing are often more crumpled and there is still a lot of water, so clothes are damaged faster.


When comparing top-loading and front-loading washing machines, we can see that each type offers different features. Users can rely on their special features and characteristics to choose the most suitable one!

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