Samsung AW10ECB8XAA Air Conditioner

User Manual - Page 8

For AW10ECB8XAA. Series: AW08ECB , AW10ECB , AW12ECB , AW15ECB , AW18ECB , AW25ECB
Also, The document are for others Samsung models: AW08ECB, AW10ECB, AW12ECB, AW15ECB, AW18ECB, AW25ECB

PDF File Manual, 22 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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08_ setting up
setting up your air conditioner
before use
Congratulations on the purchase of your new air conditioner. We hope you enjoy the features of your air
conditioner and stay cool with optimal efficiency.
Please read the user manual to get started and to obtain the best performance from the air conditioner.
Carefully unpack your air conditioner, and check the unit to make sure it is not damaged.
Main parts
Your air conditioner may slightly differ from illustration shown above depending on your
Power plug may be different from the illustration shown above depending on your region.
When you connect the power plug into the receptacle, a beep will sound.
Ventilation lever
The ventilation lever is designed to help you get fresh air from outdoors.
It can also help prevent strong outdoor odors from entering the room
through the air conditioner. The lever is located on the lower right side
of the air flow blades.
Sliding the ventilation lever to the right lets outdoor
air enter the room, and sliding the lever to the left
re-circulates existing air within the room.
Depending on your model, the ventilation lever
appearance and location may slightly differ.
Air Outlet
Air Filter (Inside)
Air inlet (Outside)
Ventilation Lever
Air Inlet (Outside)
Inner Air Flow Blades
(right/left orientation)
Front Grille
Power Plug
(The type of power plug may
differ,depending on the local
power supply.)
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