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safety information _05
Ensure no water gets into the air conditioner.
Potential risk of fire or electric shock.
Do not install the air conditioner close to heating appliances to avoid damage.
Turn off the air conditioner using the provided remote control or control accessory
(if provided). Do not unplug to turn the unit off (unless there is an immediate
Do not open the front grille during operation.
Potential risk of electric shock or unit malfunction.
Cool air should not flow directly towards people, pets, and plants.
It is harmful to your health, pets, and plants.
Do not run the air conditioner for an extended period of time in an
unattended room with the door closed where babies,elderly or disabled
people are located.
Open the door or windows to ventilate your room at least once an hour to prevent oxygen
Do not use the air conditioner as a cooling precision instrument for food,
pets, plants, cosmetics or machinery.
Potential risk of property loss.
Do not drink water from the air conditioner.
Potential risk of health hazard.
Do not give excessive shock to the air conditioner.
Potential risk of fire or unit malfunction.
Do not expose the dust filter to direct sunlight while drying.
Strong direct sunlight may deform the dust filter.
Do not spray water directly on the air conditioner or use benzene, thinner, or
alcohol to clean the surface of the unit.
Potential risk of electric shock or fire.
Potential risk of damage to the air conditioner.
Do not place containers with liquid or other objects on the unit.
Do not throw the remote control.
It may break and plastic piece can be dangerous. You may get a cut or greater injury.
The air conditioner is composed of moving parts. Keep children away from
the unit to avoid physical injury.
Make sure the voltage and frequency of the electric system are compatible
with the air conditioner.
Insert the dust filter before operating the air conditioner.
If there is no dust filter inside the air conditioner, accumulated dust may shorten the life of
the air conditioner and cause electricity waste.
Keep indoor temperatures stable and not extremely cold, especially where
there are children, elderly or disabled people.
Clean the air conditioner after the inner fan stops operating.
Potential risk of injury or electric shock.
Clean the dust filter every 2 weeks. Clean the filter more frequently if the air
conditioner is operated in dusty areas.
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