Samsung MZ-V8P500 Hard Drive

User Manual - Page 5

For MZ-V8P500.

PDF File Manual, 20 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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1. This software supports the Windows operating systems listed in the User Manual only.
2. This software supports the Samsung SSDs listed in the User Manual only. OEM storage devices
provided through a computer manufacturer or supplied through another channel are not supported.
3. This software can only clone a Source Drive on which an operating system has been installed. It
cannot clone a drive without an operating system installed on it.
4. When the Source Drive has two or more volumes (e.g. volumes to which drive letters, such as C:, D:, or
E:, are assigned), this software can clone the C: volume on which an operating system is installed and
two more volumes. The System Reserved Partition, which is created automatically during Windows
installation, is cloned automatically.
5. The OEM Partition, which is created by the computer manufacturer when shipped from the factory, is
not cloned. However, it will be automatically cloned if the computer manufacturer is Samsung and
SRS (Samsung Recovery Solution) 5, SRS 6, or SRS 7 has been installed. (Versions lower than SRS 5 are
not supported.)
6. After cloning the Source Drive to the Target Drive, their data sizes may differ by a few gigabytes. This
is normal. During cloning, the software does not copy virtual memory (page files, hibernation files,
etc.) automatically created and managed by the operating system.
7. This software cannot clone encrypted drives. In order to clone an encrypted drive, you must remove its
password first.
8. If the motherboard chipset drivers are not up to date when cloning, this software may not function
9. If you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer (e.g. Windows 7 installed on the C:
volume and Windows 8 installed on the D: volume), then the cloned drive may not function properly in
some cases.
10. If the Source Drive is damaged (e.g. it has bad sectors), then the cloned drive may not function
11. Before attempting to clone a drive using this software, it is recommended that you close all open
programs and allocate sufficient memory first.
12. If you have instant recovery software installed on your computer, then this software may not function
13. If the Source Drive has been converted to a dynamic disk, then the software may not function properly.
14. The Program Files, Windows, and Recycle Bin folders will not be displayed when scanning for files to
exclude from cloning.
15. If the Target Drive is a Samsung NVMe SSD and it does not have the Samsung NVMe Driver installed
on it, then this software may not function properly.
16. If a portable device (e.g. an external USB device) is connected to the Target Drive for cloning, then this
software may not function properly because of the USB adapter.
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