Samsung MZ-V8P500 Hard Drive

User Manual - Page 10

For MZ-V8P500.

PDF File Manual, 20 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

MZ-V8P500 photo
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2. If the amount of data saved on the Source Drive is larger than the capacity of the Target Drive
STEP 1. Start migration
STEP 2. Connect and select your Target Drive
Connect your Target Drive.
Click the Refresh button so that the Target Drive can be recognized. Once the Target Drive is
successfully connected, you can select the Target Drive on the screen.
Select your Target Drive.
When connecting an mSATA SSD, you may need an additional mSATA/SATA converter (connector) or
mSATA/USB converter (connector).
When connecting an NVMe or M.2 SSD, you may need an additional M.2 PCIe/USB converter
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