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For T1D210. Also, The document are for others Rockford Fosgate models: T1D212, T1D215, T1D410, T1D412, T1D415

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To work properly, the walls of the enclosure must be rigid and not flex
when subjected to the high pressures generated by the speaker's
operation. For optimum performance, we recommend using 3/4" MDF
(Medium Density Fiberboard) and internal bracing.The enclosure should
be glued together and secured with nails or screws.
Continuous exposure to sound pressure levels over 100dB may
cause permanent hearing loss. High powered auto sound systems
may produce sound pressure levels well over 130dB. Use common
sense and practice safe sound.
(1) Power DVC Subwoofer
(1) Trim ring
(4) Socket head trim ring screws
(8) Socket head wood screws
(1) Socket head driver bit
(1) Installation & operation manual
Vented enclosures vary only from the sealed enclosure in that a vent or
port is added to “tune” the enclosure.The enclosures recommended are
designed for great overall performance. Larger boxes tend to be easy to
tune to lower frequencies while medium and small boxes are easier
to tune to higher frequencies.The vented design is less linear in
response than the sealed box but with noticeably more output at
the tuning frequency.
Advantages of vented enclosures:
Higher average output than sealed
Tuning frequency can be easily adjusted by changing port length
Deep bass response with lower power requirements
Great for high output with limited power
Calculating volume is merely a matter of measuring the dimensions in
inches and using the formula: H x W x D divided by 1728 (cubic feet).
See block below.
If two facing sides are of uneven length, add them together and divide by
two to take the average. Using this number will give you the volume
without the necessity of calculating the box in sections and adding the
sections together.The thickness of the baffle material reduces the internal
volume so this must be subtracted from the outside dimensions to
determine the internal volume.The speaker itself also reduces the
internal volume.The amount of air displaced by each model is listed on
the specification sheet and should also be subtracted from the gross
volume calculation.
Box Volume Height
x Width
x Depth
Divided by (cubic feet) 1728
This symbol with CAUTION” is intended to
alert the user to the presence of important
instructions. Failure to heed the instructions
can result in injury or unit damage.
This symbol with “WARNING” is intended to
alert the user to the presence of important
instructions. Failure to heed the instructions
will result in severe injury or death.
CAUTION To prevent injury and damage to the unit, please
read and follow the instructions in this manual. We
want you to enjoy this system, not get a headache.
CAUTION If you feel unsure about installing this system
yourself, have it installed by a qualified Rockford
Fosgate technician.
CAUTION Before installation, disconnect the battery negative
(-) terminal to prevent damage to the unit, fire
adn/or possible injury.
These woofers were designed for use primarily in small ported
enclosures. By utilizing the latest materials and construction techniques,
we are able to offer a speaker with high output at low frequencies while
requiring a minimum of operating space.
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