Samsung MZ-V8P250 SSD 980 PRO NVMe® M.2 250GB Solid State Drive

User Manual - Page 14

For MZ-V8P250.

PDF File Manual, 20 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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3. Boot from the cloned Target Drive
3-1. If the Target Drive is connected via USB
STEP 1. Connect the Target Drive to the computer internally
Disconnect the USB cable from the Target Drive.
Connect the cloned Target Drive.
When there is only one connectable drive inside the computer, remove the Source Drive and then
connect the cloned Target Drive.
STEP 2. Change the boot priority to the cloned drive
Turn on the computer and enter the BIOS screen using the BIOS access key.
Open the Boot menu.
Place the Target Drive above the Source Drive to give the cloned drive a higher boot priority.
Press the F10 key to save the change.
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