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2. Fix the wall bracket to the wall making sure it is level, using the wall plugs and screws supplied for block walls.
3. Hang the appliance o the xed wall bracket. Rotate the safety xing bracket on the base of the product so that the xing
hole is exposed. Mark this hole and remove the appliance from the wall. Fix plug to the wall in the marked position.
4. Hang the appliance back on the wall xing bracket and x the appliance in place using the screw supplied through the
safety xing bracket.
Make sure the unit is switched OFF.
Plug the re into a 10amp/240 volt outlet.
Before using the manual controls rstly ll the water tank (See ‘Maintenance, ‘Filling the water tank’).
Manual Controls.
The Opti-myst Manual controls are located on the base of the appliance. (See Fig.2 for Manual Control lay out)
Switch A’:- Controls the electricity supply to the Fire.
Note: This switch must be in the ‘ON ( I ) position for the Fire to operate with or without heat when activated.
Switch ‘B’:- Press once to turn on the ame eect. This will be indicated by an audible “beep. Although the main lights
operate immediately it will take a further 30 seconds before the ame eect starts.
Press again to give ame eect and half heat. This will be indicated by two “beeps”.
Press again to give ame eect and full heat. This will be indicated by three “beeps”.
Press again to return to ame eect only. This will be indicated by one “beep”.
Press to put re in to standby mode. This will be indicated by one “beep”.
Control Knob ‘C’:- Controls the Thermostat setting.
Turning the control knob towards you will decrease the temperature setting, turning the control knob away from you
will increase the temperature setting.
Control Knob ‘D’:- Controls the intensity of the ame and smoke eect when the heater has been activated.
Turning the control knob towards you decreases the intensity of the ame and smoke eect. Turning the control
knob away from you will increase the ame and smoke eect.
When the water tank is empty the main lamps go out. See instructions under ‘Maintenance’, ‘Filling the water tank’. When this
procedure is complete, the main lamps will illuminate but it will take 30 seconds before the ames return.
Setting the Thermostat
Plug in and switch on the re to the full heat setting. Turn the Control Knob ‘C’ fully away from you (max temperature setting)
to warm the room rapidly. When the room temperature has reached the desired level, turn the thermostat knob back slowly
until the thermostat just clicks o. The heater will then maintain the room temperature at the chosen level.
Note: Should your heater fail to come on when the thermostat is at a low setting, this may be due to the room temperature
being higher then the thermostat setting
Thermal safety cut-out
A thermal safety cut-out is incorporated in the fan heater to prevent damage due to overheating. This can happen if the heat
outlet was restricted in any way. If the cut-out operates, unplug the heater from the socket outlet and allow approximately 10
minutes before reconnecting. Before switching the heater back on remove any obstruction that may be restricting the heat
outlet, then continue normal operation.
Caution: In order to avoid hazard due to inadvertent resetting of the thermal cutout, this appliance must not be supplied
through an external switching device, such as a timer, or connected to a switch that is regularly switched on and o by the
Tips for using your appliance.
1. With the ame and smoke setting on minimum the unit will use approximately 40ml of water per hour and will last 3 times
as long than when it is at maximum ame setting.
2. Do not tilt or move the re while there is water in the tank or sump.
3. Make sure that the re is xed level on the wall.
4. The ame control knob ‘D’ Fig.2 may be turned up or down to give a more realistic eect.
5. Sometimes the ames appear more real when the ame control knob is turned down to a low setting.
6. Give the ame generator some time to react to changes you may make on the ame control knob.
Changing lamps.
If a large amount of the smoke appears grey or colourless it may be that one or more lamps have failed.
You can check for lamp failure as follows.
1. Leaving the ame eect on, lift out the fuelbed and water tank. (See Fig.3) and lift out the nozzle (See Fig.4)