Frigidaire FGID2466QB6A Official Dishwasher

User Manual - Page 9

For FGID2466QB6A.

PDF File Manual, 20 pages, Download pdf file

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Upper Rack
The UPPER RACK cycle directs cleaning only
to items in the upper rack and can be used to
wash a wide assortment of items. It is useful
for washing partial loads - especially when the
upper rack lls up with glasses and the lower
rack is still empty.
available on all models.
Adjustable Upper Rack
To raise the upper rack, refer to the gure
Press the lever toward the center of the rack
and pull straight up on the rack.
To lower the upper rack, press the lever and
push down on the rack.
Bowl Tines
The bowl times oer the ultimate in exibility.
When closed, load with saucers or small
dishes. Open halfway and it is perfect for
small casserole dishes. Open completely for
those hard to t items. As you load your
dishwasher, you will nd many other ways to
use this unique feature.
Place the clips of the cup shelf over the
horizontal rack wires and push down to attach
the cup shelf onto the second wire of the
upper rack.
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