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Dishwasher Won’t Run
Check to see if circuit breaker is
tripped or if a fuse is blown.
Make sure water supply is turned on.
Check to see if cycle is set correctly.
(See Operating Instructions).
Is dishwasher set for Delay Start
Make sure door is closed and latched.
Make sure START/CANCEL pad is
pressed after cycle has been selected.
Dishwasher Won’t Fill
Assure the water supply is turned on.
Check that the overll protector moves
up and down freely. (See Overll
Protector section).
Dishwasher Does Not Drain Properly
If unit is hooked up to a food waste
disposer, make sure the disposer is
Assure the knockout plug has been
removed from inside the food waste
disposer inlet.
Assure the drain hose isn’t kinked.
Make sure cycle is complete, not in a
Assure the glass trap is maintained and
installed properly assuring no clogs
(See Care and Cleaning).
Dishwasher has an Odor
Soiled dishes left in dishwasher too
long can create an odor. Use Rinse
Only cycle.
There will be a “new” smell when rst
installed. This is normal.
Check to see if unit is draining
properly. (See Dishwasher Does Not
Drain Properly).
Removing Spots and Film
Hard water can cause lime deposit buildup
on the interior of the dishwasher. Dishes
and glasses may also get spots and lm for a
number of reasons. (See Glassware/Flatware
Spotted or Cloudy section). To remove
buildup, and lm, clean using the following
1. Load clean dishes and glasses in normal
manner. Do not load any metal utensils
or silverware.
2. Do not add detergent.
3. Select the NORMAL WASH cycle. Close
the door. Press START/CANCEL pad.
4. Allow dishwasher to run until it starts
the second water ll (approximately 8
5. Open the door, pour 2 cups of white
vinegar into the bottom of dishwasher.
6. Close the door and allow cycle to nish.
Stains on Tub Interior
Washing large amounts of dishware with
tomato based soil can cause a pink/
orange appearance. This will not aect
performance and will gradually fade over
time. Pre-rinsing or using the Rinse Only
cycle will reduce the chance of staining.
Using no heat dry option will lessen
Opening the door during cycle
If the dishwasher door is opened while
the unit is running, the START/CANCEL
pad must be pressed and the door shut
immediately to return the unit to the
selected cycle and option, this must
happen within 10 minutes for the unit to
continue the cycle.
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