Tripp Lite B132-002A-2 2-Port VGA over Cat5/6 Splitter/Extender, Box-Style Transmitter

Owner's Manual - Page 31

For B132-002A-2. Also, The document are for others Tripp Lite models: B130-101-2, B130-101A-2, B130-101-WP-1, B130-101A-WP-2, B130-101S-2, B130-111, B130-111A, B130-101-U, B132-002-2, B132-004-2, B132-004A-2, B132-008A-2, B132-100-1, B132-100A, B132-100-WP-1, B132-100A-WP-1, B132-110, B132-110A

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B132-002A-2 photo
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If you are unable to get an acceptable image after following the
installation instructions, try the troubleshooting tips below.
1. Are the external power supplies that came with the product
connected and plugged into a working power source? For the product
to function properly, it must be connected to and receiving power
from the external power supply.
2. Was the power to the VGA source turned off prior to installation? If
not, restart your computer.
3. You may need to manually set your computer to display in Mirror
mode. Open your Display Properties screen and select the option to
Mirror the image on both displays.
4. Compatibility issues can occur when EDID information is not properly
communicated between the source and the display. Tripp Lite’s VGA
over Cat5 extender kits and transmitters that have a -2 at the end
of their model name include an EDID copy feature which stores a
monitor’s EDID information and sends it to the source, ensuring
optimal compatibility. If your model supports EDID copy, perform the
EDID copy procedure described in this manual.
Note: Because EDID copy is supposed to be performed prior to installation, you
may need to restart your computer if you perform a copy after setting everything
5. Have you adjusted the Equalization and Gain settings on the repeater
and/or receiver units? There are built-in Equalization and Gain
adjustment knobs on every repeater and receiver, which can be
adjusted to obtain the best picture quality. Use the mini screwdriver
included with the product to adjust this setting until an acceptable
image is displayed.
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