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WARNING! This unit should not be used to boil water.
NOTE: During first use, the Air Fryer may emit a slight odor. This is normal.
1. Place the Air Fryer on a flat, heat-resistant work area, close to an electrical outlet.
2. Firmly grasp the frying basket handle to open frying basket; then remove the basket from the
machine and place on a flat, clean surface.
3. Place the crisping tray into the base of the frying basket.
4. Arrange food on top of the crisping tray. Do not overfill frying basket with food. To ensure proper
cooking and air circulation, NEVER fill any frying basket more than full. When air frying fresh
vegetables, we do not recommend adding more than 2 cups of food to the frying basket.
5. Fully insert the frying basket into the front of the Air Fryer.
WARNING: Device operation is not available and it will not heat, until frying basket drawer is fully
6. Plug cord into electrical outlet, the device enters standby mode, the display shows -- --.
Tip: The device will be off if there is no any operation in 1 minute. Press button to turn on / off
the device.
7. The device has 9 functions, choose the desired function by touching the corresponding icon. The
display will show the default frying temperature of the selected function. Light of frying temperature
will illuminate. The frying temperature is adjustable by turning the knob clockwise to increase the
temperature and turning the knob anticlockwise to decrease the temperature. Please review the
adjustable range in the following chart.
Tip: In standby mode, press the knob and hold 3 seconds, to switch the temperature unit between ℃
and ℉, the display will show C or F.
8. The frying time is also adjustable. After selecting desired function, press the knob to activate frying
time setting, the light of frying time will illuminate, the display will show the default cooking time.
Then turn the knob clockwise to increase the time and turn the knob anticlockwise to decrease the
time. Please review the adjustable range in the following chart too.
Tip: If needed, press the knob again to activate frying temperature setting and adjust the frying
temperature by turning knob again.
9. Then press button to start heating. The display switches showing between frying time and
temperature each 5 seconds.
Tip: When needed, press button during frying progress to suspend heating, and press it
again to resume heating as well.
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