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Cook meat and poultry thoroughly--meat to at leastan INTERNALtemperature of 16001:and poultry to
at least an INTERNAL temperature of 180°ECooking to these temperatures usually protects against
foodbome illness.
Stand away from the range when opening the door of a hot oven. Thehot air and steam that escape
can cause bums to hands, face and eyes.
Do not use tim oven for a storage area.
Imms stored in the oxen can ignim.
Kee I) the oven free flom glease buildup.
Place the oxen shehes in the desired
position while the oxen is cool.
Pulling out the shelf to the stop-lock is a
comenience in lifting heaxy' foods. It is also
a p_ecaufion agvdnst bu_s flom touching
hot surfaces of file door or oxen walls. The
lowest position is not designed to slide.
Do not heat unopened food containers.
Pressure could build up and the container
could burst, causing an i[_nl-y.
any slots, holes or passages in the oven
bottom or coxer an entire rack with
materials such as aluminum foil. Doing
so blocks air flow througil the oxen and
m W cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
Aluminum foil linings may also trap
heat, causing a fire hazard.
Do not use aluminum foil anywhere in the
oxen except as described in this manual.
Misuse could result in a fire hazard or
damage to the range.
XA]len using cooking or roasting bags in the
oxen, follow the manufacturer's directions.
Do not use your oxen to dlT newspapers.
If oxerheated, they can catch fire.
Use only glass cool<ware fllat is
recommended for use in gv_soxens.
Always remoxe the broiler pan flom range
as soon as you finish broiling. Grease left in
the pan can catch fire if oxen is used without
removing the grease flom the broiler pan.
When broiling, if meat is too close to the
flame, the fi_tmay ig_im. Trim excess {_t to
prexent excessive flareqlps.
Make sine the broiler pan is in place
con_ecflv m ieduce the possibility of
g_ease fires.
If you should haxe a grease fi_e in the broiler
pan, much the CLEAR/OFFpad,and kee I)
file oven door closed to contain fixe und]
it burns out,
For safety and proper cooking perfommnce,
always bake and broil with the oxen door
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