Hotpoint RGB746WEH6WW gas range

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Locam the range, out of kitchen traffic paflt
arrd out of drafty locations to prex'ent poor
air citvulafion.
Be sure all packaging materials are remox.ed
flom the rang.e before operaOng it to
prevent rite. or smoke damage, should the
packaging material ignite.
Be sure your range, is correctly adjusted by
a qualified service technician or installer for
the type of gas (naun_al or LP) that is to be
used. Your rang.e can be corwermd for use
with either type of gas. See the Installation
of the range section.
WARNING: teseadjnstmentsmnst
be made by a qualified service technician
in accordance with the manuthcturer's
irrsmtcfions arrd all codes arrd requirements
of the authority havingjnrisdicoon. Failure
m follow these irrstructions could _esult in
serious ir_jmT or property damage.. The
qualified agenQ' performing this work
assumes responsibility for tire conversion.
After prolonged use of a range., high floor
mmperaun_es m W result and many floor
cox.>rings will not wiflrstand this kind of use. irrsmll dre range, viwl die or
linoleunr that cannot withstand such type
of use. irrstall it directly irrtelJor
kitchen carpeOng.
Do not lem.e childlen alone or unatwnded
where a range, is hot or in operaOon. They
could be seriously burned.
Do not allow anyone to climb, stand or hang
on the ox.en door; storage, drawe_; wamfing
drawer or cooktop. They could damage, the
range, and even tip it ove_; causing sex.ere
persona] irljnly'.
CAUTION: temsofinterestto
children should not be stated in cabinets
abox.e a range, or on tire backsplash of a
range--<:hildten climl)ing on tire range.
m reach items could be selJously injured.
appliance as a space heater to heat or
warm tire room. Doing so may result
iracarbon monoxide poisoning arrd
ox.edteadng of the oven.
Nexer wear loose fitting or hanging garments
while using the appliance. Be car>rid when
reaching for items stored in cabinets over the
range.. Flammable mamrial could be ignimd
if brought in corrtact with flame or hot ox.en
sniP, tces arid may cause se\.ere bnlTrS.
Do not store flammable mamrials in an
oven, a range, storage drawel; a wanning
drawer or near a cookmp.
Do not store or use combustible mamrials,
gasoline or other flammable vapors and
liquids in the vicinity of this or arpĀ¢ other
Do not let cooking gxease or other
flammable materials accumulam in or
near tire range..
Do not rise water on grease fires. pick
up a flaming pan. Turn fire corm-ols off:
Smother a flaming pan on a surface burner
by cox.>ring the pan completely with a
well-fitting lid, cookie sheet or fiat uay.
Use a multi-puq)ose dr T chemical or
foam-type fire extinguisher
Flaming grease outside a pan can be put
out by co\.e_-ing it with baMng soda at;
if available, 1)y using a multi-purpose di T
chemical or foam-type fire exting-uishen
Flame in the oven can be smothered
completely by closing the ox.en door arrd
turning tire corrtrol to off or by using a
nmlti-purpose dU chemical or foam-type
fire exfinguishen
i,et rite burner grates and other surfaces
cool before ranching them or leaving fltem
where childlen can teach them.
Never block tire \.ents (air openings) of the
range.. They provide tire air inlet arrd outlet
that are necessa U for rite range, to operate
I)ioperly with conect combnstion. Air
opening_ ate. locamd at fire rear of the
cooktop, at fit> mp arrd bottom of the oven
door; and at the bottom of the range, under
fit> kick panel or storage, drawer
Large. scrawhes or impacts to glass doors can
lead to broken or shatteied glass.
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