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1.3 Disposal
This appliance must be disposed of
separately from other waste
(Directives 2002/95/EC,
2002/96/EC, 2003/108/EC).
The appliance does not contain substances
in quantities sufficient to be considered
hazardous to health and the environment, in
accordance with current European
To dispose of the appliance:
Cut the power supply cable and
remove it along with the plug.
Deliver the appliance to the appropriate
recycling centre for electrical and
electronic equipment waste, or return it
to the retailer when purchasing an
equivalent product, on a one for one
Our appliances are packaged in non-
polluting and recyclable materials.
Deliver the packing materials to the
appropriate recycling centre.
1.4 Identification plate
The identification plate bears the technical
data, serial number and brand name of the
appliance. Do not remove the identification
plate for any reason.
1.5 This user manual
This user manual is an integral part of the
appliance and must therefore be kept in its
entirety and within the user’s reach for the
whole working life of the appliance.
Read this user manual carefully before using
the appliance.
Power voltage
Danger of electrocution
Disconnect the mains power supply.
Unplug the appliance.
Plastic packaging
Danger of suffocation
Do not leave the packaging or any part
of it unattended.
Do not let children play with the plastic
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