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INSTALLATION - 1791477A491/C
The door seal is damaged or dirty. Clean or
replace it.
Water builds up inside the wine cellar:
The drainage channel or opening is
The wine cellar cooling is insufficient:
The temperature set on the display is too
The door is being opened too often or for
too long.
The door is not closing/sealing properly.
The room temperature is too high.
Electrical connection
General information
Check the mains characteristics against the
data indicated on the plate. The
identification plate bearing the technical
data, serial number and brand name is
visibly positioned inside the appliance. Do
not remove this plate for any reason.
Make sure that the plug and socket are of
the same type.
Avoid using adapters, gang sockets or
shunts as these could cause overheating
and a risk of burns.
Leave the appliance standing for at least
two hours before turning it on for the first
If it is necessary to replace the power cable,
this must be performed by an authorised
technician from Technical Support Service.
Choice of location
Always install the appliance in a dry place with
satisfactory ventilation. Depending on its climate
class (stated on the nameplate inside), the wine
cellar can be used in different temperature
SN = Subnormal - N = Normal
ST = Subtropical - T = Tropical
Locate the appliance at least 3 cm away
from electrical or gas cookers and at least
30 cm away from combustion heaters or
The appliance must not be installed near
heat sources. If this is not possible, suitable
insulation must be used.
Ensure that the appliance is located with
sufficient space for the door to open and for
the internal drawers and shelves to be
removed, if necessary.
To ensure correct cooling of the condenser,
respect the clearance requirements when
To level the appliance correctly, there are two
feet on the lower front.
Fixing to the furniture
To fix the appliance to the furniture:
1. open the door;
2. tighten the 4 screws provided.
See General safety instructions.
Class Room temperature
SN + 10°C to + 32°C
N + 16°C to + 32°C
ST + 16°C to + 38°C
T + 16°C to + 43°C
SN-ST + 10°C to + 38°C
SN-T + 10°C to + 43°C
Strong tightening
Risk of damage to the appliance
Take care not to exert too much force when
tightening the screws, the side parts may
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