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Removing the removable shelves
The removable shelves can be extracted from
the interior of the wine cellar to facilitate
Removing the removable shelves
1. Open the door.
2. Pull the shelf out.
3. Remove any bottles present.
4. Lift the shelf removed upwards.
5. Position the shelf correctly again on the
Push-pull mechanism (on some
models only)
If it is necessary to adjust the push-pull
mechanism to optimise door opening/closing:
1. Open the door
2. Turn the push-pull mechanism pin right/left.
3. Close the door and check that it is closed
4. If necessary, repeat the adjustment.
For further adjustment:
1. Remove the cap from the door.
2. Turn right/left.
3. Insert the cap into the seat at the desired
What to do if...
The appliance does not work:
Make sure that the appliance is plugged in
and that the main switch is turned on.
The compressor starts to function too often or
functions continuously:
The room temperature is too high.
The door is being opened too often or for
too long.
The door is not closing/sealing properly.
There is an excessive quantity of non-cooled
There is excessive condensate build-up inside
the wine cellar:
The door is being opened too often or for
too long.
Warm bottles have been placed inside the
wine cellar.
The different notches on the cap body
indicate the possible adjustments.
The notch must be oriented vertically
with respect to the seat in the door.
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