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Please read and understand this entire manual before attempting to assemble, operate or install the
Before you begin installing the fan, disconnect the power by removing fuses or turning o󰀨 the circuit
Make sure that all electrical connections comply with local codes, ordinances, the National
Electrical Code, and ANSI/NFPA 70-199. Hire a qualied electrician or consult a do-it-yourself
wiring handbook if you are unfamiliar with installing electrical wiring.
Make sure the installation site you choose allows a minimum clearance of 7 ft. from the blades to
the oor and at least 30 in. from the end of the blades to any obstruction.
The net weight of this fan is: 23.7 lbs.
DANGER: When using an existing outlet box, make sure the outlet box is securely attached to
the building structure and can support the full weight of the fan. Failure to do this can result in serious
injury or death. The stability of the outlet box is essential in minimizing wobble and noise in the fan
after installation is complete.
WARNING: To avoid personal injury, the use of gloves may be necessary while handling fan
parts with sharp edges.
WARNING: Using a full-range dimmer switch to control fan speed will cause a loud humming
noise from the fan. To reduce the risk of re or electric shock, do NOT use a full-range dimmer switch
to control the fan speed.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of re or electric shock, do NOT use with any solid-state speed
control device.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of re, electric shock or personal injury, mount the fan to an
outlet box marked “ACCEPTABLE FOR FAN SUPPORT” and use the mounting screws provided with
the outlet box. Most outlet boxes commonly used for the support of lighting xtures are not acceptable
for fan support and may need to be replaced. Consult a qualied electrician if in doubt. Secure the
outlet box directly to the building structure. The outlet box and its support must be able to support the
moving weight of the fan (at least 35 lbs.). Do NOT use a plastic outlet box.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of re, electrical shock or personal injury, wire connectors
provided with this fan are designed to accept only one 12-gauge house wire and two lead wires from
the fan. If your house wire is larger than 12-gauge or there is more than one house wire to connect to
the two fan lead wires, consult an electrician for the proper size wire connectors to use.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of re, electric shock, or personal injury, do not bend the blade
arms when installing them, balancing the blades or cleaning the fan. Do not insert objects between
the rotating fan blades.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of personal injury, use only parts provided with this fan. The use
of parts OTHER than those provided with this fan will void the warranty.
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