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1. To operate the fan using remote control (P), press and
release the following buttons:
Speed Control - Controls fan speed 1 (low) - 6 (high).
Fan On/O󰀨 - Turns fan o󰀨 or turns fan on at most
recently selected speed. Press and hold to turn o󰀨 or
on the sounds from the remote control.
Variable Breeze - Simulates a natural breeze, as if
you were outside. Press any speed control button to
exit this mode.
Random Light - When button is pressed, light blinks
twice to conrm Random Light mode. Lights cycle
on for 5-20 minutes and o󰀨 for 60 minutes. Cycle
repeats continuously until any other button is pushed
to discontinue Random Light mode.
Sleep Timer - Turns fan o󰀨 after (2H) 2 hours, (4H) 4
hours or (8H) 8 hours.
Light On/O󰀨 - Turns light o󰀨 or on.
Delayed Light O󰀨 - Delays turning o󰀨 light for one
minute which allows safe exit from room.
Season Slide Switch - Changes direction of blade
rotation. For warm weather slide switch to the left and
for cool weather slide switch to the right.
2. Remove battery door from back of the remote control
(P) to access the following:
DIP Switch - Changes signal frequency if there is
interference from another remote (see troubleshooting
for instructions).
Learn - Syncs remote control (P) to receiver (see
troubleshooting for instructions).
Battery Compartment - When necessary, replace the
pre-installed battery with a new 12-volt battery.
3. Remote control (P) comes equipped with a wall
bracket. If you wish to install the wall bracket, remove
the small plate to expose the screw holes. Insert
wall brackets screws through holes and into wall,
then cover with the previously removed small plate.
Remote control (P) sits inside the wall bracket.
Random Light
Light On/Off
Delayed Light Off
Control (1-6)
Fan On/Off
Variable Breeze
Season Slide Switch
DIP Switch
Battery Compartment
Learn Button
Wall Bracket
Wall Bracket
Small Plate
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