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Keeping the food warm for a long time is not recommended, as it may negatively affect
the texture or the taste of the food.
Do not hold the pressure release valve. Hot steam/liquid may be ejected.
Keep hands and face away from steam vents, use pot holders when removing the
inner pot or touching any hot items, and never force the lid open. The lid will only
open once the pressure is released. Remove the lid by lifting it away from you to
avoid being burned by the steam.
Time Delay Function
The Premium Pressure Cooker has a delay time function of up to 24 hours.
1. Follow the steps listed in this manual under the heading “General Operation
2. Press the button of the specific menu that you want to have delayed.
3. Press the Delay Time button during the first 5-seconds interval of the chosen
4. The green indicator light of the Delay Time button will start flashing,
5. The default delay time is 30 minutes (00:30). During the first 5-seconds interval you
can adjust the default delay time by pressing the plus (+) or minus (-) button (30
minutes intervals).
6. After 5 seconds, the delay time is set and the green indicator light is on, together
with the indicator light of the chosen menu. The display will start to countdown.
7. To cancel the Delay Time function, press the Keep Warm/Cancel button.
8. When the delay time ends, the cooking process will start.
9. After the cooking has ended, the unit will beep and automatically go into Keep Warm
mode, until you press the Keep Warm/Cancel button.
It is not recommended to use the Delay Time function to cook foods that may
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