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Stew Function
This is a 20-minute program (00:20) for stewing food.
1. Follow the steps listed in this manual under the heading General Operation
Instructions. Press the STEW button.
2. If your meal needs a longer or shorter cooking time, the default time can be
changed during the first 5-seconds interval by pressing the plus(+) or minus(-)
3. Make sure the pressure cooker is at least 1/5 full. Do not fill the cooking pot
more than 3/5 full.
4. When the cooking time ends, the unit will beep automatically and go into Keep
Warm mode, until you press the Keep Warm/ Cancel button.
Do not hold the pressure release valve. Hot steam/liquid may be ejected.
Keep hands and face away from steam vents, use pot holders when removing the
inner pot or touching any hot items, and never force the lid open. The lid will only
open once the pressure is released. Remove the lid by lifting it away from you to
avoid being burned by the steam.
Brown Function
This function allows you to brown your food before cooking. Brown your meat or
poultry for the best flavor and texture, unless otherwise indicated in the recipe.
Pat dry your food with a paper towel before browning. For best results, make sure the
oil is hot before adding your meat or poultry. Brown the food in batches to keep the
correct oil temperature for even browning.
1. Place the removable cooking pot in its place.
2. Add the appropriate amount of oil as indicated in the recipe.
3. Press the BROWN button. The light on the BROWN button will flash and the
display will read “00:20”. The lid should remain off.
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