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7. Connect to the power. The LED display shows “00:00” and it enters into standby
8. Choose the corresponding function according to your food recipe, and the related
indicator will be on.
Rice Function
This is a 12 minutes program for cooking rice and grains
1. Position the removable cooking pot in the cooker.
2. Add at least 1/5 full of water or cooking liquid to the cooking pot.
3. Add the appropriate amount of grain to the liquid, following the grain to liquid ratio
indicated by the recipe. Do not fill the pot more than half-full.
4. Place the lid on the cooker; align the handle with the condensation collector, and
turn it counterclockwise until it locks into place. The locking pin will click into place.
Turn the pressure valve to SEAL.
5. Press the RICE button. The light on the RICE button will flash and the digital
display will show “00:12”.
6. Within 5 seconds, the indicator light will stop flashing to indicate the cooking
process has started. The program will cook for about 30 minutes.
7. When the cooking time ends, the unit will beep and automatically turn the “Keep
Warm” function on until you press “Keep-Warm/Cancel” button to cancel the
Do not hold the pressure release valve. Hot steam/liquid may be ejected.
Keep hands and face away from steam vents, use pot holders when removing the
inner pot or touching any hot items, and never force the lid open. The lid will only
open once the pressure is released. Remove the lid by lifting it away from you to
avoid being burned by the steam.
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