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This refrigerating appliance is not intended to be used as a built-in appliance.
Ensure that the power source complies with the requirements as indicated on
the parameter nameplate
A separate receptacle of at least 10A should be used with a grounding device, and it is not
allowed to use the transformer and extension socket for power supply.
In all cases, the socket must be connected to an earthing line and it is not allowed to
modify the power line and plug.
The power line plug shall keep in solid contact with the socket; otherwise it may give rise to
any fire.
After the wine cooler is installed in place, the plug shall be easily accessible to facilitate the
removal of the cooler plug in case of any accident.
Never damage the power line
Never pull out the wine cooler plug by dragging the power line. To remove the plug, hold it
and pull it out of the socket.
Avoid crushing of power line by the cooler body or trampling by anybody.
Take much care when handling the cooler. Bundle up the power line, but never roller it.
In case of damages of power line
When the power line is damaged or the plug is worn out, do not further use it. In such a
case, the power line or plug must be replaced at the repair workshop designated by the
manufacturer, or replaced by the competent professional.
Where the power line needs to be extended, the cross sectional area of the extension line
must not be less than 0.75mm2.
In case of leakage of flammable gas
Firstly, close the valve with gas leakage, and then open the doors and windows for
ventilation. Never insert or remove the power socket of the wine cooler.
Never store or use the gasoline or other flammable substances in the immediate
area of the cooler to avoid fires.
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