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- 18 -
operating for
long time
If the temperature in the summer is too high, the compressor will
work for long time. This is normal.
If the cooler is not cool enough, please check against the following
If the cooler door is not properly sealed or the door is opened too
frequently, close the door tightly, and open the door at a lower
frequency. Do not place too many drinks in the cooler, and
maintain a certain space between foods.
If the temperature inside the cooler reaches too low required
temperature, check the temperature setup, and set the
temperature at a higher level.
effect of the
cooler is poor
Adjust the refrigerating level.
The cooler is exposed to sunshine or any heat source is located in
its immediate area.
Any hot drink is placed into the cooler.
The drinks in the cooler are crowded to impair the cool air
The cooler door is frequently opened or is not properly closed.
There is any
odor in the
The new cooler may give off the smell of the foaming agent or
plastic. That’s normal, and such smell will disappear slowly in
future. Check whether there is any spoiled drink inside the
Any odorous drink shall be tightly sealed using the plastic bag.
The cooler shall be cleaned on a regular basis.
The cooler
produces the
liquid flowing
The sound is generated from the flowing of the refrigerant inside
the circulating pipeline of the refrigerating system. That’s normal.
No further treatment is required.
The cooler
sound in
This is the sound generated in the startup of electric components,
such as the relay and thermal protector, during start or stop of the
This is due to the inconsistent thermal expansion and contraction
caused by the sudden change in temperature inside the cooler
when starting or stopping the cooler, resulting in the mutual fine
movement of various materials.
If it is not used for a long time, turn off the wine cooler, pull out the plug and take off the
safety device or break the fuse.
Do a good job in cleaning and open the cabinet door so that no smell will be produced.
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