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Red Wine with a Little of Tannins 16(60.8°F)
If you find any abnormality during operation, immediately stop the operation, remove the
power line plug, and check the machine according to the following instructions. If necessary,
contact the after-sales service center of this company.
Reason and solution
Too high noise
The cooler is not level
Level the cooler, for the
unleveled cooler may produce
noise during operation
The cooler
doesn't work
The power supply is not
switched on
Switch on the power supply
The computer board is
Notify the manufacturer for
The compressor is provided
with a protection mode
The operation interval of the
compressor is 5 minutes.
The cooler
door surface
is dewed
The door is opened too
frequently or the door is
opened for too long time
Do not open the door for too
long time, nor open or close
the door too frequently
The external environment is
highly humid
Dry using a piece of dry cloth
The cooler temperature is set
too low
Set a proper temperature
lamp is not lit
The illumination lamp is
Notify the manufacturer for
replacement of the lamp
Check whether the power
supply is switched on
Check the power supply
The door is
not improperly
sealed and
there is a
leakage of
cool air
The door seal may be
hardened or deformed due to
the low temperature inside the
cooler after operation for a
period of time.
Use the hot air of the hair
dryer to bake the deformed
surface or use the hot towel to
cover the deformed surface,
and close door and press it
tightly after the door seal is
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