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Precautions For Operation
1. Clean the cooler.
2. Keep the cooler level. After the cooler is leveled and cleaned, do not electrify it
immediately. Keep the cooler stationary for more than 2 hours, and then electrify it to ensure
the normal operation of the cooler.
3. Close the cooler door, and insert the power line.
After the power supply is switched on, the cooler will start to work. If the cooler fails to work
in a long period of time, check whether the power socket and the electric circuit work
normally. If, half an hour later, an abrupt reduction of temperature is detected after the
cooler door is opened, the cooler works normally. After 2~3 hours, adjust the temperature
and then fill wines according the instruction. It is normal the compressor will work for a
longer time for the initial plugging, and then works intermittently.
4. Generally, do not stop the cooler, to avoid influencing its normal service life. After the
power line plug is removed, wait for at least 5 minutes before inserting it again, to ensure
the normal operation of the cooler.
5. Do not switch off the power supply of the cooler when unnecessary, because the power
interruption may cause temperature rise inside the cooler, thus to shorten the storage term
of wines and degrade their drinking quality.
6. A certain space shall be maintained between wine bottles, which will facilitate the
circulation of cool air. The figure illustrates the layout of drawers, baskets and shelves that
result in the most efficient use of energy for the refrigerating appliance.
7. It is not allowed to flush the cooler body using water, nor to wipe the body using the
gasoline or other organic solvents.
8. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the professional of the
manufacturer, its repair department or any similar department to avoid any danger.
9. All power sockets must be reliably earthed.
10. The system shall be set up during the initial operation of the product for better
protection of this product.
Method Of Operation
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