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- 11 -
Precautions For Installation
The cooler shall not be tilted over 45° when being handled, and it can be electrified
only 10 minutes after handling operation.
The cooler must be placed on a flat and solid ground surface. If it needs to be elevated,
a stable, solid and inflammable pad shall be used. Never use the packaging foam as the
pad to elevate the cooler.
Do not place the cooler in the area exposed to moisture or water splash. The water
splash or dirt on the cooler shall be timely removed using the soft cloth to prevent rusting
and impairment of electrical insulation.
Do not place the cooler in an environment lower than 40 , nor use it in the rain. The
cooler shall be kept far away from the heat source and protected against sunshine, to avoid
influencing the normal operation of the cooler.
The appliance is only applied with power supply of single phase alternating current of
110-120V ~ /60Hz. The device uses a wall socket earthed according to current
If the power cable is damaged, do not proceed with his replacement but contact your
after-sales service.
The socket must be readily accessible but out of reach of children. If unsure, contact
your installer.
The cooler shall be well ventilated; otherwise the normal operation of the cooler may
be adversely influenced. The ventilated space must be at least 20cm from the both sides of
the cooler. The ventilated space must be at least 10cm from the top and back sides of the
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