Everdure EFIC227 Electric Heater

User Manual - Page 8

For EFIC227. Also, The document are for others Everdure models: HPE221W, HPE151W

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Where possible, your electric panel convection heater should be connected to a power outlet that uses a separate
10 amp power circuit than other items. This will avoid overloading your household fuse.
In the event that your household fuse is overloaded and trips, please note this is normally caused by the use of
excessive power outlets at the same time your heater is operating (for example, a steam iron, kettle, toaster etc.).
Please ensure to check the use of the power circuit and adjust when heater is in use (i.e. turn off the heater when
boiling a kettle).
If your heater does not work:
Check that power is available to the heater & it is plugged in & turned on.
Check that the heater temperatures are set correctly for the ambient temperature.
Check that the thermal cut-out has not activated (see safety features).
Do not try to repair the heater.
Should you still experience difficulty contact Everdure Service for assistance.
Please refer to the separate warranty documents accompanying this product. This product has a 7 year repair or
replacement warranty.
To make a claim on the warranty, the heater must be returned to the point of purchase together with the original
receipt. Warranty does not apply to any defect, deterioration, loss, injury or damage caused by, or as a result of
the misuse or abuse of this heater. You may have rights implied by State or Federal law. Nothing in terms of this
warranty is to be taken to exclude any conditions or warranties implied by state or Federal law, which cannot be
excluded or modified.
We highly recommend that you register your Everdure products on www.everdure.com
It is important that you retain these instructions, proof of purchase as well as
other important documents about this product for future reference.
Due to continual product development, Everdure reserves the right to alter
specifications or appearances without notice.
Dispose of packaging responsibly – recycle where facilities are available.
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