Owner's Manual - Page 33

For B132-004-2. Also, The document are for others Tripp Lite models: B130-101-2, B130-101A-2, B130-101-WP-1, B130-101A-WP-2, B130-101S-2, B130-111, B130-111A, B130-101-U, B132-002-2, B132-002A-2, B132-004A-2, B132-008A-2, B132-100-1, B132-100A, B132-100-WP-1, B132-100A-WP-1, B132-110, B132-110A

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Troubleshooting continued
10. Do you have any patch panels or other devices in between the
transmitter, repeater and receiver units? Tripp Lite’s VGA over Cat5
extender products were designed to be connected directly from the
transmitter to the repeater and/or receiver via UTP cable. The more
connection points that are between the source and the remote
monitor, the more likely it will be that signal degradation will occur,
causing poor performance. If you have a patch panel or other device
in between, it should be removed from the installation.
11. Check your cabling for any damages that may have occurred during
installation. If a cable connector is loosened from pulling through
ceilings/walls, or the cable jacket is damaged causing the wiring to be
exposed, you will not be able to achieve maximum performance.
12. Are the transmitter, repeater and/or receiver units located in an
area that exposes them to elevated temperatures? If the product is
overheating, it will not function properly.
13. Are you using a VGA to DVI adapter with this product? If so, you will
need to have it connected to a DVI source or monitor that supports
both Analog and Digital signals. If your DVI source or monitor supports
DVI-D digital signals only, you will not be able to convert it to VGA.
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