Tripp Lite B132-004-2 4-Port VGA over Cat5/6 Splitter/Extender, Box-Style Transmitter

Owner's Manual - Page 17

For B132-004-2. Also, The document are for others Tripp Lite models: B130-101-2, B130-101A-2, B130-101-WP-1, B130-101A-WP-2, B130-101S-2, B130-111, B130-111A, B130-101-U, B132-002-2, B132-002A-2, B132-004A-2, B132-008A-2, B132-100-1, B132-100A, B132-100-WP-1, B132-100A-WP-1, B132-110, B132-110A

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B132-004-2 photo
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Installation continued
Non-Kit Standard Installation
1. For models that support EDID copy, perform the EDID copy procedure described
in this manual prior to installation.
2. The diagram above shows a B132-004A-2 VGA + Audio Extender/Splitter
installation. Installation will be the same for non-audio models, except that an
audio source and speakers will not be connected. Also, the number of ports on
transmitters will vary from 2 to 4 to 8.
3. Test to make sure the entire installation works properly before pulling cables
through ceilings/walls.
4. To achieve maximum distance and performance, 24 AWG solid-wire Cat5e/6
cable must be used. The use of stranded wire Cat5e/6 cable, or cable with a
gauge (AWG) size higher than 24 AWG, will result in shorter extension distance.
All Tripp Lite N202-Series cables are made with 24 AWG solid-wire cabling.
Tripp Lite N022-01K-GY (Cat5e) and N222-01K-GY (Cat6) are 24 AWG solid-wire
bulk cables. For optimal image quality between 500 and 1,000 ft., use Zero-
Skew cable, such as Tripp Lite P524-01K.
5. To achieve maximum resolution, it is recommended that you use Tripp Lite
P502-Series VGA video or P504-Series VGA video and audio cables with
RGB coax.
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