Tripp Lite B132-004-2 4-Port VGA over Cat5/6 Splitter/Extender, Box-Style Transmitter

Owner's Manual - Page 10

For B132-004-2. Also, The document are for others Tripp Lite models: B130-101-2, B130-101A-2, B130-101-WP-1, B130-101A-WP-2, B130-101S-2, B130-111, B130-111A, B130-101-U, B132-002-2, B132-002A-2, B132-004A-2, B132-008A-2, B132-100-1, B132-100A, B132-100-WP-1, B132-100A-WP-1, B132-110, B132-110A

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B132-004-2 photo
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Optional Accessories
B132-004-RB 1U Rackmount Bracket
N001-Series Cat5e Snagless Patch Cables
N002-Series Cat5e Patch Cables
N020-01K-GY Gray Cat5e Bulk Stranded Cable – 1,000 ft.
N022-01K-GY Gray Cat5e Bulk 24 AWG Solid Cable – 1,000 ft.
N030-010 10-pack of RJ45 Plugs for Solid-wire Cat5e Cable
N031-050 50-pack of RJ45 Plugs for Stranded-wire Cat5e Cable
N201-Series Cat6 Snagless Patch Cables
N202-Series Cat6 Snagless 24 AWG Solid Patch Cables
N222-01K-GY Gray Cat6 Bulk 24 AWG Solid Cable – 1,000 ft.
P312-Series Audio Cables
Product Features continued
• Both extends and expands your Tripp Lite VGA + audio over Cat5
installation, allowing you to locate multiple monitors/speakers at
different points in a chain of up to 2,000 ft.
• Up to 4 remote units (3 remote repeaters and 1 receiver) can be
connected together, providing audio/video to up to 4 remote displays/
speakers in a full chain.
• Extends a 1024 x 768 (60 Hz) video and audio signal up to 1,000 ft.
between the local transmitter and the first remote repeater unit in the
• Extends a 1024 x 768 (60 Hz) video and audio signal up to an
additional 1,000 ft. from the first remote repeater unit to the last set
of display and speakers in the installation, for a maximum extension
distance of 2,000 ft.
Features built-in equalization and gain controls to adjust the video image.
• Includes mounting hardware that allows unit to be wall-mounted, rack
mounted or pole mounted.
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