Tripp Lite B155-004-DP-V2 4-Port Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Multi-Monitor Splitter, MST Hub, 4K 60 Hz UHD, DP1.2, TAA

Owner's Manual - Page 6

For B155-004-DP-V2. Also, The document are for others Tripp Lite models: B155-002-DP-V2, B155-003-DP-V2, B156-002-V2, B156-003-V2, B156-004-V2, B155-002-DVI-V2, B156-002-DVI-V2, B155-002-HD-V2, B155-003-HD-V2, B155-004-HD-V2, B156-002-HD-V2, B156-003-HD-V2, B156-004-HD-V2

PDF File Manual, 36 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

B155-004-DP-V2 photo
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1. Connect the hub’s built-in cable to the computer’s
DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort output.
2. (2-Port Models) – Connect the included USB
Micro-B cable between the hub and a USB port
on the computer or USB charger. The green Power
LED will illuminate.
3. (3- and 4-Port Models) – Connect the included
external power supply to the hub and plug it into
a Tripp Lite Surge Protector, Uninterruptible Power
Supply (UPS) or Power Distribution Unit (PDU). The
green Power LED will illuminate.
4. Connect a monitor to an available output port on
the hub.
Note: The maximum distance between the hub and the
connected monitor must not exceed 15 ft. (4.6 m).
5. Repeat step 4 for each additional monitor you are
6. Turn on the power to the connected monitors, then
power on the source. The orange port LEDs will
illuminate to indicate a signal is being received and
video will appear on the connected monitors.
7. Use your video card’s display settings screen to
adjust how video is displayed on the connected
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