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What are the variables that
affect run time?
How do I remove film on
the tank?
How can I extend run time?
The estimated run time for this humidifier is based on average room conditions
and is dependent on numerous variables such as:
- Air exchange in the room.
- Room construction where the humidifier is placed.
- Temperature of the room.
- Humidity levels in the room.
- Movement of occupants and the opening and closing of doors in the room.
- Home furnishings in the room.
See “Disinfect Tank” section. Regular cleaning is
Run your unit on the lowest setting.
Fill tank all the way full and place on the base. Let water empty into the base
until it stops bubbling, then refill and re-seat tank again. This ensures maximum
water capacity and will extend run time.
Problems Causes Actions
Unit does not turn on
White powder coming out
of humidifier
Dampness in rooms on
walls or windows
Unit turns on and off
Bubbles in the water or a
gurgling sound
Water leakage
The night light doesn’t light
No longer any scent
Plug in power cord or re-seat tank
Adjust the setting
to reduce mist output
Use distilled or filtered water instead
of tap water
Turn unit off or adjust the
setting to reduce mist output
Open door to room at least 6’’
Refill tank
Clean float (see Care & Maintenance)
Clean gasket (see Care & Maintenance)
Put humidifier on a level surface and
refill tank
No action necessary
Empty water in base
Discard humidifier, as it cannot be repaired
The night light bulb is not replaceable
Replace scent pad. To order more scent
pads contact Consumer Relations and
ask for model IH514 or IH523
Unit is not plugged in or tank
is not
seated properly
High setting
(mist can look like white
Some minerals used in safe water
treatment could become white
powder as the water vaporizes. This
is not a humidifier malfunction
High setting
Tank is almost empty
The float inside base unit is dirty
Gasket in bottom of tank is dirty
Humidifier is not on a level surface so
float is not able to operate properly
Normal operation. As water enters
reservoir in base, air is displaced and
creates bubbles in tank and possibly
a gurgling sound
Water level in base reservoir may
be too high
Product may have been mishandled
Unit is not plugged in or t
he night
light bulb has burnt out
The scent pad is too old
Question Answer
Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc., warrants to the original
purchaser that this product (Easy Clean 3-in-1 Humidifier),
is free from material and workmanship defects when
used under normal conditions for a period of one (1) year
from the date of purchase. Should the product contain
defects in material or workmanship Dorel Juvenile Group,
Inc., will repair or replace the product, at our option,
free of charge. Purchaser will be responsible for all costs
associated with packaging and shipping the product to
Dorel Juvenile Group Consumer Relations Department
at the address noted on the front of this document
and all other freight or insurance costs associated with
the return. Dorel Juvenile Group will bear the cost
of shipping the repaired or replaced product to the
purchaser. Product should be returned in its original
package accompanied by a proof of purchase, either a
sales receipt or other proof that the product is within
the warranty period. This warranty is void if the owner
repairs or modifies the product or the product has been
damaged as a result of misuse.
This warranty excludes any liability other than that
expressly stated previously, including but not limited to,
any incidental or inconsequential damages.
One (1) Year Limited Warranty
Care and Maintenance
NOTE: This is an electrical appliance and requires attention when in use. Follow the recommended guidelines to help
prevent micro-organisms from growing in the humidifier.
Extra large fill opening in the tank allows for quick everyday cleaning of interior tank surface.
1 Clean, rinse and thoroughly dry as directed. DO NOT leave any water in the unit as this may render the unit
inoperable for the following season.
2 Place in the original carton and store in a cool, dry place.
Remove Mineral Buildup/Scale:
1 Turn off unit and remove tank: Ensure humidifier is off and unplugged, then remove tank and drain water from
tank into sink. DO NOT place base in sink.
2 Base unit: Scale build-up on electronic sensor and float. Once sensor has had time to cool, wipe isopropyl alcohol
or vinegar directly on sensor and/or float with a paper towel, cloth or safety swab to clean. DO NOT attempt to
remove float to clean.
3 Tank: Partially fill with one 8-ounce cup of undiluted white vinegar. Leave in the tank for at least 30 minutes,
occasionally swishing the vinegar around inside the tank, then gently clean all interior tank surfaces with a soft brush.
Wipe the exterior of the tank with a cloth dampened with undiluted white vinegar. Rinse tank thoroughly with clean
water to remove the mineral and vinegar residue. Rinse a second time to ensure that all residue has been removed.
Disinfect Tank:
1 Fill tank 1/2 full with water and 1/2 teaspoon of chlorine bleach. DO NOT place tank on base unit while it contains
the bleach/water.
2 Let the solution stand for 30 minutes, swishing every few minutes. Wet all surfaces.
3 Carefully empty the tank and rinse with warm water until you can not detect any bleach smell. Dry with a clean cloth
or paper towel.
To Clean Scent Pad Tray: Remove tray. Wash and dry completely.
Shut off and unplug humidier before
removing tank from base.
Each unit was tested after production and confirmed to be free of leaks.
To Use Humidifier
Shut off and unplug humidier before
removing tank from base.
To Use Scent Pad
Open tray. Remove scent pad from packet and insert into tray (Figure B). Limit
touching pad with hands as much as possible. Wash hands after handling pad. Place
tray back. Note: Each pad provides calming scent for one night.
Scent Pad
1 Ensure the humidifier is switched OFF and unplugged.
2 Select a location: Choose a flat and level surface 12 inches away from
the wall. DO NOT place on a finished floor or near furniture which can be
damaged by too much moisture or water. Place on a moisture-resistant
3 Remove and fill tank: Remove mist outlet cover. Use carry handle to lift tank off
base and bring tank to the sink. Remove cap on the bottom of tank and fill with
clean, cool water, ideally distilled (Figure A). Additives are NOT recommended.
Replace cap, turn tank so that cap faces down, and replace tank on the base. Be
sure tank is flush with base. The tank will immediately begin to empty into the
NOTE: Use both hands when carrying full tank of water. It is normal for the water
level in the tank to decrease once full tank has been replaced on base. The water
from the tank has simply filled up the empty base.
4 Plug into a 120VAC electrical outlet.
5 Turn on: Turn knob on front of humidifier until power light glows.
6 Adjust mist direction: Rotate the 360° mist outlet and set the desired output level.
7 Turn off: To manually shut off, turn knob on front of humidifier until power light
turns off. When water level is low, mist will automatically shut off.
8 Night light: Press button to turn on night light. Press again to change night light
colors and again to turn off.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets. • Adult handling only. • To be used in nurseries for children 6 months and above. • NOT FOR CONSUMPTION.
If swallowed rinse mouth and drink plenty of water. DO NOT induce vomiting. • Non-medicated Scent pad is for use with Safety 1
ONLY. • DO NOT use in a closed room, always keep door partially open. • Stop using the scent pads if you are experiencing discomfort. If symptoms
persist, consult a doctor or seek medical advice. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. CAUTION: EYE IRRITANT. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes
immediately if contact occurs.
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